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I Laughed my head off with this post!! My husband spent days " scoping out" how to best get a copy of WOW-BC ahead of time. He finally found he could order online from local comp USA and use his business status to courier it to his office along with a piece of hard wear he ordered.

so then He went to the compusa to courier it HOME LOL:) and told his boss he was staying up and playing his game and he took the next day off as a personal day - can you believe it. My 10 year old daughter is playing as well and has quite a good time discussing the finer points with my hubby. We have one other son who also is interested and playing the BC as well.

This stuff is too funny - I made the mistake a couple of weeks ago - referring to the guild as a " gang" and ask my husband one Sunday day, are you playing with your gang today !! he and I had a good laugh at that.

by the way Angie he sure is envious of your blizzard licensing agreement too. LOL


Oh, I lost my son to WoW when it came out. He could hardly NOT share in his excitement the other day when he stopped over to grab some lunch before heading back to his classes at the University. He has his whole weekend planned around that expansion! I sympathize.


We are a family of geeks too. Our son is so into WoW! (He has installed his expansion software after hounding me-where is it? Where is it? He had ordered it on line from BB.) It is the only bribery tool I have with him. I can buy him Wow gold for good deeds.

Talk about Geekiness-when we go out to dinner, my husband brings tangrams and/or they play math games while we wait for our dinner. Not top movies, current events, or best books-math puzzles.

Our son (much like your husband) is in Geek Denial. He so doesn't want to be called geek. When his teacher was "naming" the kids in his class. it was only ok with jockgeek because jock got top billing.

Let's hear it for the Geeks of the World.



Hubby has an undead rogue and I'm a troll mage!!!


Hubby and I are both pretty geeky (have we been in a store having light saber battles? *cough* yes...)

Di Hickman

I confess to being one of those nerds! I got sucked into WoW back in beta, my husband is in the gaming industry and we got beta keys back when there was no horde (*shudder*)!!!
When it was released I didn't buy it, I could manage without it I thought... my husband bought me a copy for valentines day.. ideal gift for the wow addict. It is a total time sink though! I realised in March last year that it was either WoW or my scrapbooking career. Quit in march and then BOOM everything took off for me in April... a definate link between time wasted and productivity.
It still calls to me though! My orc hunter, un-dead priest and my tauren shamen still beg me to go play...

Angie Pedersen

My son says, "Ah! Orc hunter For the Win!"

You geeks. No wonder they call it World of War-crack. ;)

I checked out your blog, Di -- gorgeous examples! And I was pleased to see some designs for Boxer -- Angie's a good friend of mine!

Check out Di's blog at

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