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I never fail to find inspiration from reading Melody Ross' blog.  Check out these recent deep thoughts from Melody's Sofa:

If you planted an acorn.... you would never, ever, EVER get an apple tree.

...many a girl (including me) has spent hours and days and years trying to be an apple tree or an almond tree or a pine tree or a palm tree.........when she started out as an acorn.....and, IF ONLY she would figure it out, and then embrace it.......she could understand, enjoy and thrive at being a beautiful, strong, enduring oak tree, and she would bless so many and affect so much if she stopped wasting time trying to be something else....if she'd focus on growing into the blueprint in that acorn.....and if a girl who started out as an apple seed begs, pleads, studies & pays-for all sorts of lotions, potions and techniques to become an oak tree......she'll just spend her whole life frustrated AND waste a whole lot of beautiful apples, too.

WHY do we do this to ourselves?

That's quantum-change level of thinking, there - for me anyway.  What IF you work really hard, and are really determined, and are a generally good person, but are barreling along on the wrong path?  I've hit my head on enough walls to know what the wrong path feels like, trying to force a square peg in a round hole.  The apple-tree-from-an-acorn metaphor is striking -- the concept that no matter how hard you work at this wrong thing, it just ain't gonna work.

She quotes from Max Lucado's Cure for the Common Life:

"The Author of the human drama entrusted your part to you alone. Live your life, or it won't be lived. We need you to be you.

YOU need to be you.

You can't be your hero, your parent, or your big brother. You might imitate their golf swing or hair style, but you can't be them. You can only be you. All you have to give is what you've been given to give. Concentrate on who you are and what you have. Don't compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life."

This concept of exploring and identifying one's own unique gifts is what led me to create my Book of Me.  I wholeheartedly embrace that idea, and have encouraged many, many others to do the same.  Yet it seems I still suffer, right along with the rest of you, from the apple-tree-from-an-acorn way of life.  Something hasn't been sinking in deep enough somewhere.

I've actually been working on this, well, for the past year, really.  I started offering marketing consulting and writing services through Scrappy Marketing Solutions.  I've been successful, and have been able to work with and help some really neat people in the industry.  But there has sometimes been the feeling of fighting too hard to find new clients, and convince them that marketing is a worthwhile investment.  It's exhausting.  So I've been re-evaluating what I like most about what I do, and it's the writing.  It really always has been.  So that's what I'm going to focus on.  I may write about marketing concepts (in fact, I know I will, in upcoming issues of Memorytrends magazine), I may write about journaling topics, I may write about writing, I may write about blogging, I may write about parenting.  I need to un-niche myself a bit, and just be more open to writing in general, I think.  And let the joy glow.

I love how Melody closed her post:

Be exactly who you are....and be even more of that tomorrow......
You are just right.....

(deep cleansing breath)  What strength and comfort there is in that.  Thanks for the heads up, as well as the reminder, Melody.

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Stacy Kocur

Thanks for the link to Melody's blog. I've bookmarked her!
And it's so true what she said, and what YOU said. I've become so focused on my career in scrapbooking, and on maintaining a client base (because, you know, I keep working myself out of jobs! lol), that I've sort of lost the passion for WHY I do this. It's so cool how it works: when I focus on my passion for storytelling and scrapbooking, the clients come. I need to remember that more often. My favorite quote:
"The meaning of life is to find your gift. THe purpose of life is to give it away." - David Viscott

"Be exactly who you are, and be more of that tomorrow." I LOVE THAT!


You said it Sista! Thanks for the inspiration again, Angie

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