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MemoryTrend 2006 Recap - Monday and Tuesday

I am back from MemoryTrends, and beginning my recovery.  ;)  What a week!  (Well, what a couple of weeks, really, with all the prep work and details to remember.)

I had a great show, personally.  My classes went very well, my Industry Forum discussion went well, I got to attend a couple of seminars, and made some great connections.  Good stuff in the works.

Memorytrends2006011 I taught my first class, with my publisher Elaine (see left), on Monday morning, Marketing with News, which was basically about keeping in touch with customers.  Elaine discussed "old school" techniques such as print newsletters, postcard mailings, and in-store signage.  I discussed "new school" techniques such as blogs, websites, and e-newsletters.  Lots of great questions from retailers.

Monday afternoon I taught an album class for Go West Studios, using product from their new "Being Me" line.  People seemed to like the album project, and I heard from GWS co-owner Brett that quite a few of them stopped by the booth later to see and/or order the product.

Monday night I had dinner with Elaine and had a great discussion on future projects (no, no books in the works).  She is so fabulous for feedback, and just as a general sounding board.  I so completely lucked out in hooking up with her.

Tuesday morning I attended Kizer and Bender's Retailer Roundtable: Mardi Gras Marketing Madness.  And that's exactly what it was -- madness.  What a roller coaster!  There were easily 100 retailers there.  Basically K&B acted as facilitators, bringing the microphone around as retailers stood up and shared idea after idea -- promotions and marketing techniques that had produced real results for their stores.  It was very cool.  I was even able to share something -- I hadn't planned to, since I was in the seminar on a Press badge, and have no retail experience.  But, the subject of blogs came up, and I just couldn't keep quiet.  ;)  So I stood up and mentioned that I share blog marketing ideas on my scrapbook marketing blog.  (Hat tip to George for that opportunity!)  I took pages of notes, and will be posting those on the aforementioned marketing blog as soon as I can get them typed in (permission already secured from George herself). 

Everyone who shared an idea got some Mardi Gras beads.  At the end of the Roundtable, K&B asked those people whose beads had grapes on them to stand up and come forward -- this was our Mardi Gras "court".  Each of the 4 members of the court got a tiara and bright purple, green, and yellow feather boas.  My beads had grapes, so I got "blinged out".  The person whose beads had a sun on them was crowned "Mardi Gras Queen".  Photo opp ensued - I was practically blind after about 15 minutes.  And yes -- I did wear the tiara and the beads all day, along with my three name badges (Speaker, Exhibitor, and Media).  After the photos, I wrapped the boa around my shoulder bag/cart.  (It was itchy.)  You can see some of the bling in the photo below.

After the Roundtable, I went to the Media Room and picked up press kits.  I was surprised to see so few -- out of 300 exhibitors, only *33* put out press kits.  You can bet I'll be posting a comment on that on my marketing blog.

Memorytrends2006071 Once on the show floor, I stopped by the Frances Meyer booth to meet Jen Newton (see right), founder of ScrapsAhoy.com, and now creator of a new scrapbooking curriculum and product line for Frances Meyer called Scrapbook Travelers' Club.  I've known Jen for at least five years, but this was the first time we'd met in person.  Very cool person.

I also got to meet Susan White in person, from Triscape -- I helped her with some scrapbooking press kit materials for the show, but everything was done by phone and email.  Always nice to put a face with an email.  ;)  With her was Mary Canavan, photographer and digi-scrapper.  Mary was a total hoot, and actually reminded me quite a bit of Tera Leigh.

I met Molly Newman, who will be/is Associate Editor for the forthcoming Digital Scrapbooking magazine, as well as Lynda Angelastro, Managing Editor.  Sounds like some way cool stuff will be coming out of that mag.  Molly said the most fabulous thing when introducing me to Lynda: "This is Angie Pedersen.  You can't sneeze in this industry without Angie knowing and blogging about it."  Sweet.

I walked the show floor with a nice little group on Tuesday: Kim Guymon, Leigh Brown, and Alicia Bull.  Man, did we laugh!  I'm going to have to scan the picture we took at the Per Annum booth -- not at all glamorous, but definitely good stuff.

Tuesday night I went to the Craftrends VIP Reception, where they announced they are launching Memorytrends trade magazine next year.  Sounds like they will be using more freelance help, and I just happen to know an excellent scrapbooking freelance writer....  That could be cool.

After the VIP Reception, I took my stuff back to the hotel, and hopped a cab to Treasure Island for the dotScrap Alliance launch event.  Walked in just as the presentation ended, so I don't really have anything to share about it, other than the chocolate fountain was quite nice.  ;)  It will be interesting to hear any comments from those who did actually hear the presentation at the event.

After the launch event, it was finally time for dinner!  Like 9pm something, I think.  I ate with Susan and Mary (the Triscape ladies), who were joined by digi-designer Christine Borgfeld.  Ashley and Ben Smith, of Polka Dot Potato, were also going to join us, but bailed before we ordered.  It was late!  None of us were from the Eastern time zone, so we were all fading fast.  We ate, and that was it.  No gambling, no late-night shows or dancing.  To bed!  Another early morning on Wednesday, but that is another post...



Hi Angie!

MemoryTrends Mardi Gras Marketing Madness was fun this year, wasn't it? There were so many great ideas, and you looked so chic all gussied up in beads and bling. We will send you the photos as soon as we receive them. Thanks for the wonderful write up!

Georganne & Rich


I loved the Tiara on you - what no pictures of that? Awww....

Angie Pedersen

Actually, I'm wearing the tiara in about four of the pics!

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