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Beyond the Fridge: Saving Children's Artwork

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By ClubMom Member Krista, Richland, WA

A frequent problem for parents is what to do with all the artwork their kids produce. We all love it, but let's face it: There just isn't enough room on the refrigerator. Here are some suggestions I share with parents of my art students:

  1. Laminate art at a copy or print shop to use as place mats or bookmarks.  
  2. Buy a blank craft calendar and add a piece of artwork each month to make a unique Christmas gift for a relative.  
  3. Store the favorites in a portfolio your child makes using a pizza box that you let them decorate (your local pizza parlor may donate a new one to you).  
  4. Scan your child's work into your computer to print out your own note cards. Don't forget to put the artist's name and title on the back of the card.  
  5. Devise a rotating art gallery. Each relative interested in participating gets to have a piece of art for a month, then it rotates to the next recipient.
  6. Be creative! The most important thing is to let your child know you look forward to seeing them express themselves through art.

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Scrapbooking Classes: Book of Me teaching resources

I recently received an awesome email about my class kit CDs, in particular the one for my 2nd book, Growing Up ME.

I ordered your cds last July and we had our first "Growing Up Me" class today. This is a one hour home school co-op. I have 6 girls in the class ranging in age from 8 years old to 15 years old.

It was wonderful! We only got one page done - our title page. I had materials available to do 2 more pages so those will just be on the back burner for days when they work very quickly.

The younger girls were actually more comfortable taking chances and exploring the materials available to them than the older girls. They all enjoyed the class tremendously.

Thanks for such an easy, workable plan.

That's so awesome!  I LOVE getting reports in "from the field"!

Cdcombo Teaching Book of Me classes (whether for Book of Me, Growing Up ME, or Book of US) is so much easier with the talking points, class project, and homework all laid out for you.  My class kit CDs do just that.  If you teach Book of Me classes, these resources guide you along, whether you teach just one class or a series of workshops.

Of course, you know I'm also all about free resources too -- I've posted some free class resources for those of you who teach classes.

These sample class resources come straight from the class resource CDs, so you can get an idea of what you'll find on the CDs.

Good luck and have fun with your classes!

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SBIN Inspires ScrapBiz Members

Crack me up -- I recent saw this post on Kim Guymon's blog, ScrapBizness:

We have RSS feeds coming into the Clubhouse from Angie Pedersen's Scrapbook Industry News and every time a feed comes in, it comes in with Sergei's photo on it. It's amazing HOW MUCH NEWS is being read at ScrapBiz now - LOL! We LOVE it when Angie posts something at her site because it means we get to look at Sergei when the feed comes through to the clubhouse.

Now, I would hope that people want me to post because they appreciate the insight into what's going on in the scrapbooking industry, but I can appreciate a Russian hottie just as much as the next girl!  Now every time I post to SBIN, I'll think of those ladies in the ScrapBiz Clubhouse, with Sergei serving up piping hot...industry news.  Here's to you, ladies!  Save me a margarita!  ;)

See Sergei here!

The secret's out...

Ding Ding Ding!  Wanda and Tamara/DivaTam got it!  It's *IS* a ME-themed product line, and it's being released by Go West Studios at MemoryTrends in a couple of weeks!

Gwsmealbum Tamara/DivaTam was the closest by guessing that the image was of an acrylic frame.  The item shown is actually an 7x5.5 Etched Acrylic sprial-bound album from the soon-to-launch "Being Me" line. (See acrylic albums from their other lines here.)

Last year at MemoryTrends, Brett and Julie of Go West mentioned to me that they were considered doing an "about me" line of product, inspired by my Book of Me scrapbooking idea book.  I suggested that I could teach a trade show class on doing a theme album using that product line.  We agreed to talk more about possibilities after the show.

A year and a gazillion emails later, and it's almost here! 

Basically the "Being Me" line is meant to allow crafters to express and illustrate what it means
to "be me", and what "me" means to each individual. The embellishments will allow and encourage creative expression of the crafter's personality, providing a sort of framework that will help inspire projects that perserve personal stories.

In working with Brett & Julie, I suggested words, phrases, concepts and ideas; they designed the product.  So to say I "have" or designed my own product line would be inaccurate -- I guess it would be more accurate to say I collaborated or consulted on the "Being Me" product line (though I did come up with the name for the line, which I completely love).

I haven't seen all the product from the line yet, but they told me there will be word chimes (bigger than previous chime sets here), Whimsy Chimes (with all new graphics; see the previous Whimsy Chimes here), and I think some acrylic frames (different words and graphics from the previous frames here). 

SO!  I will be teaching a sold-out class using this brand-spankin-new product line at MemoryTrends in just a couple of weeks.  I'm really looking forward to seeing retailers' initial responses, and hopefully a resurgence in the popularity of "About Me" scrapbooking!

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Gmail Trick: "Auto-Filters"

I LOVE Gmail.  I've been using it to read all my email for over a year now.  The spam filter rocks, the tags ("labels") rock, the online accessibility rocks.  I read about this cool hack recently, and it rocks too.

Here's how it works:  You can create auto-filters by emailing yourself at -- set up the filter to look for that mailto address, and filter it to automatically label it with that label.  I started emailing myself with reminders to, and can keep an automatic to-do list as things occur to me during the day.  I also have filters/labels set up for "Blog about this" and "Links".

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Typepad Tip: To prevent a post from appearing

To prevent the page from appearing on your weblog's Recent Posts listing (while still being accessible in your Archives), you can backdate the post (hand smack to forehead -- duh!  Never thought of that!). The Recent Posts listing will include the 10 most recent posts from within the last 30 days. For example, if you want to create a more customized About page, and you want to make sure that it does not appear in your sidebar, try backdating it a few months or making it the first post in your blog. You can find more about backdating here: Changing the Date or Time of a Post


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Michael's Scrapbooking Paper Sale

Just a quick enabler alert -- I stopped into my local Michael's today, and they have 12x12 paper on sale, regularly 59 cents a sheet, now 5/$1 this week.  Was I happy when I found some Basic Grey there!  It was some of the older lines, like Motifica and Sublime, but I happen to love those lines, and...Basic Grey 12x12 for 20 cents a sheet??  Yes, I'll take....quite a bit, thank you!  ;)