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Google Calendar links added

You may not have noticed over in the left sidebar, amongst all the other widgets and links and such -- I recently added a couple of links to my Class/Appearance/Travel calendar.  I've added all the relevant dates to a Google calendar for upcoming classes and appearances (yeesh, "appearances" always sounds so hoity-toity, but oh well). 

There's a link to a static webpage that is always kept updated with my class schedule.  There's also a link to an RSS feed, which will list each event/class individually. (Ain't technology grand??)

Current online classes:

Essentials of Scrapbook Journaling: 7/13/06-8/11/06
Get Started Quickly in Scrapbook Journaling online class: 7/27/06-8/25/06

Upcoming classes:

Scrapbooking Basics online class  [FREE!!]

Essentials of Scrapbook Journaling online class

MemoryTrends trade show; Las Vegas, baby!
2 classes on Monday, October 9th

S21 Marketing With News: Keep In Touch With Your Customers, In Print And Online
W46 "Being Me" Etched Chipboard Album/Go West Studios


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