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Scrapbook Marketing Article Archive

Well, an archive of articles I've written anyway!  I took some time last night and scanned in six articles I've written for magazines over the past year or so, and converted them to PDF.  I've posted them in the Scrappy Marketing Solutions Press Room.

Three of them were featured in trade magazines (Craftrends and Scrapbook Retailer), so my guess is that many of you weren't able to read them.  Now's your chance!

  • “Word Power,” Craftrends, May 2006 (PDF — 4 pages, 1.5MB)
  • “On the Cutting Edge,” Scrapbook Answers, Feb/Mar 2006 (PDF — 8 pages, 3.4MB)
  • “I, Blogger,” Scrapbook Answers, Feb/Mar 2006 (PDF — 3 pages, 1.2MB)
  • “I Should Be the One to Say Thanks,” Scrapbook Answers, Nov. 2005 (PDF — 2 pages, 928KB)
  • “What’s the Big Blog?”, Scrapbook Retailer, Oct. 2005 (PDF — 3 pages, 611KB)
  • “Making It Last,” Craftrends, Jan. 2005 (PDF — 4 pages, 5.7MB)

As I continue to write articles, I will continue to post them in myPress Room, so all may enjoy and benefit from my magnificent wisdom.  ;)

Scrapbooking Interview

Talk about a small world...  Back in September 2005, I made a post to my blog on How to Get an Interview.  In that post, I mentioned an article written by Janene Mascarella.  In her article, she mentioned she had gotten an interview with a NASA expert just by asking for it.  I commented that was a good way to get an interview with me (because I'm so famous, ya see...)

So earlier this month, who do I get an email from?  Janene.  She'd found my reference to her article, and said she'd like to interview me!  <blush>  (Sure, I'm happy to do interviews, but I didn't mean for JANENE to come calling!  LOL)

Anyway, we emailed back and forth, and she just posted the interview at Long Island Exchange, where she writes a parenting column: So You Think You Can...Scrap?

Just goes to never know who is reading your blog!  (be careful about what you post!)

Scrapbooking in Dilbert!

Just making my way through my Bloglines, catching up on Dilbert, and came across this Dilbert Comic Strip from June 15th.  Scrapbooking leaps across cubicle walls into mainstream comics!  Gotta love it!

[NOTE: when I viewed the strip on the website, there was an animated ad for a singles site there, with a young hottie in a bikini -- just warning you so she doesn't poke your eye out or anything]

Artist Spotlight at Diversity Designs

Just a heads up to let you all know I am currently "in the spotlight" at Diversity Designs.

Head on over there to read the interview, for answers to questions like:

  • What scrapbooking trends or styles are you enjoying the most currently?
  • What is your favorite scrapbooking tip or technique?
  • What advice would you share with scrapbook artists that would like to be published? 

Thanks Rashida & Roselyn!

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Wish Michelle a HBD!

Dang, but I'm a bit late with this...As mentioned on her blog, Scrapability, today (Saturday the 17th) is Michelle Thompson's birthday.  You should go wish her well.

I continue to be impressed with her insights, her blog discussions, her topic choices, and her forthright-ness.  She's not afraid to share what she thinks (or if she is, she does it anyway, which really is the definition of courage).  She often offers the devil's advocate view of popular schools of thought, and questions the direction and "right-ness" of many of the current trends in scrapbooking.  I love how "spot on" she is about the trends in scrapbooking, in general.  Her blog posts are thoughtful, as well as well-thought-out, and well-written. 

She truly is a pioneer in scrap-blogging, as she's been blogging for 2-3 years, I believe.  She has definitely out-blogged me, as I started blogging about the scrapbooking industry in November 2003 at

Happy Birthday and many happy returns to one of the foremost members of Scrapbooking's 'Think Tank', Michelle Thompson.  Enjoy a pint, or a cider, or even just a mug of hot tea on me, mate!  ;)

Looking for Effective Store Newsletters

As you may know, I'm teaching a marketing class at MemoryTrends on effective ways for retailers to communicate with their customers.  Elaine Floyd and I will be discussing using newsletters (print and email), websites, postcards, and blogs to keep in touch with clients & customers.

I need some examples of effective communications!  If you visit (or own) a store that is particularly good at keeping in touch with customers, I'd love to see some examples of newsletters (print or email), postcard mailers, websites, and blogs.  Forward links and e-newsletters to me at  If you have print materials to share, email me at that address, and I'll respond back with a mailing address.

Thanks for contributing to a great class!  ;)

Getting Started (Quickly) In Scrapbook Journaling

Just 4 more days left to register for "Getting Started (Quickly) In Scrapbook Journaling", my next class at  Registration ends June 5th.  The four-week class starts on June 8th.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with an understanding of key journaling techniques that will help you write both faster and better. With the assistance of creative exercises, hands-on writing assignments, and constructive feedback, you’ll develop a more productive approach to your journaling.  Learn how to save more of your family and personal stories in less time.

Please join me in this scrapbook journaling class!