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Wholly Scrap! Episode #4a

Get Started Quickly in Scrapbook Journaling!

I'm getting ready to teach another class at WritersOnlineWorkshops called Getting Started (Quickly) In Scrapbook Journaling.  It's based on Joanna Campbell Slan's book, One Minute Journaling.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with an understanding of key journaling techniques that will help you write both faster and better. With the assistance of creative exercises, hands-on writing assignments, and constructive feedback, you’ll develop a more productive approach to your journaling.

Learn how to save more of your family and personal stories in less time with this four week course on scrapbook journaling. This online course will help you identify your personal style so it can work for you rather than against you; harness both sides of your brain; master a variety of techniques for collecting information; organize your writing so you know exactly what you want to write and how you want to say it; and practice new styles of journaling.

I'm looking forward to this change of pace -- picking it up a little!  I hope you'll join me!  Better hurry -- the class starts May 11th, but registration closes May 8th!

Update: This class has been rescheduled to start June 8th, with a registration deadline of June 5th!  There's still time to register!  And remember the coupon code good for 15% off: AP2006


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