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Book of Me Journaling Idea: Mistakes

For some time, I have subscribed to a journaling prompt mailing list hosted by Sara Fields, who maintains and the companion YahooGroups list.  I thought a recent prompt could produce some particularly insightful results:

Write about a mistake that you made in the past that still bothers you today. 

  • Why does this mistake bother you so much? 
  • What have you learned from this mistake? 
  • Why do you feel you won't make this mistake again? How can you make sure? 
  • If your child or a close friend came to you after making this mistake, what would be your advice to them.  Can you accept this advice for yourself? 

Write down a mistake that someone you admire has made. 
Next, write down the names of anyone you know who is perfect and has never made a mistake. 
Finally, write down a mistake you once made that helped you to grow in a way that you never would have grown otherwise.

Book of Me Scrapbooking Idea: Soundtrack of My Life

Soundtrack Sarah Davis has started "an All About Me Challenge, with a twist" at Scrap Outside the Box:

Pick your favorite CD or a CD you feel inspires you or connects with any aspect of your life. We will be taking your 10 favorite tracks and scrap them as they pertain to your life. You can use the title for inspiration, lyrics for inspiration, or even the way the song makes you feel. This challenge is just a fun way of telling people who you are and what you feel.

This will be a 10 week challenge. Every week I will also be including a part of a kit that I will be making exclusively for this challenge. Each part will be handed out with the completion of each weeks challenge. They will remain available until the next posting bonus is added. ONLY ONE WEEK! So if you cannot get it, or miss it for that week there will be no second chance. At the end of the 10 Challenges you will have a full size kit.

Hey!  Scrapping about yourself AND free goodies!  Rock on!

P.S. I also noticed that TwinMomma is doing a Book of Me Challenge at!  Scroll through all the challenges to find the ones titled "Book of Me", or you can find an archived challenge in this thread.


Amazon Connect Author Blogs has started a new program called "Amazon Connect", that "allows readers to receive messages directly from their favorite authors. It opens an entirely new channel of communication between authors and their readers. Participating authors can post messages on their book detail pages and to the home page of readers who have bought their books on"

I have officially completed my profile and made my first post: Angie Pedersen's Blog.

Despite all my blogging experience (2+ years now), I admit to not being sure what to blog about there; being a much broader audience than what I expect to my own websites.  But I figured the Book of Me backstory was a safe topic.  I'll probably post the backstories for my two other books as well.  Part of what makes all three books so powerful is why I wrote them, I think, so those are good places to start for the Amazon blog.

What do you think I should write about there?

Scrapbook Journaling: Want to Save Money & Learn Some Easy Tips?

Some of may know that I teach a couple of online classes, one of which is Essentials of Scrapbook Journaling through, presented by Writer's Digest magazine.  My next class is set to start April 20th, and I'm happy to let you know I have a coupon code!  I've never gotten one from them before, so this is a bit of a special deal.  When you register for the class, just enter the Coupon Code AP2006 and get 15% off registration fees!  Pretty cool!

Here's the description of the class:

Objective: The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with an understanding of some fundamental journaling techniques and to encourage—through the use of creativity exercises, hands-on writing assignments and constructive feedback—the development of your individual journaling style and creative expression.

Learn how to create a more complete chronicle of the important times in the lives of those you love with this four-week course on scrapbook journaling. This online workshop will help you identify when you need to use words to add meaning to your pictures; teach you how to select the words that best communicate actions, thoughts, and feelings; give you tips on overcoming writer's block; and teach you a variety of writing styles that will make your journaling more attractive and interesting. During the workshop, you'll get helpful feedback on your journaling from an experienced instructor, and trade ideas and inspiration with other workshop participants!

One thing I like about this class structure is the interaction with and between the students.  I get to read each assignment, then offer specific comments on what I liked about the writing, where it's most effective, and how it can be improved.  I feel like I'm getting to help people one-on-one with their journaling, which of course is what I'm most passionate about in scrapbooking.  Fortunately, this feeling is apparently shared by my students -- this comment from a past student sums it up:

[This class was] very good, I only wish it lasted a little longer.  It was wonderful to have a friend to help me with my journaling. I will certainly miss her.

<grin>  That's what I love about teaching -- any subject really.  It's knowing that what I know helped someone else.

Scrapbook Journaling Tip: I Will Always Remember…

A great writing tip today via A Creative Journal:

In A Writer’s Book of Days: A Spirited Companion and Lively Muse for the Writing Life, by Judy Reeves, she suggests you write from your senses for improved imagery and language. Using the prompts “I remember the smell of… I remember the taste of… I remember the feel of… I remember the sound of…I remember the sight of…” write as your senses respond.

I’ve used this particular prompt to begin journal writing sessions several times and have been rewarded with satisfying journal writing sessions. I’ve also discovered by adding the word “always” to the opening sentence can also help me narrow down the memory to a specific event. “I will always remember the smell of…” just makes my mind dig that little further towards recalling a special time in my life that proves significant as far as journal writing goes. Your senses are like handles to doorways of forgotten memories in your life.

Tip from Angie: You can also tie these sensory memory triggers to the seasons, or months of the year: "I will always remember the winter sound of...I will always remember the feel of XX in summer..."

Now go jot down some memories!  And ask your family what these prompts make them think of!

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I'm teaching classes at MemoryTrends 2006!

I'm very happy to announce that I'm teaching at least one class at MemoryTrends in October in Las Vegas, probably two. 

One class has been confirmed -- I'm co-teaching a marketing class with my publisher, Elaine Floyd, sponsored by Craftrends.  The tentative title is "Marketing With News:  Keep in touch with your customers, in print and online".  Elaine will talk about traditional ways to communicate with a mailing list, such as print newsletters and postcards, and I will discuss "new media", such as blogs, e-newsletters, and podcasts.   I'm completely jazzed about the topic -- it's VERY me (well, and Elaine, too!)  And I'm really excited to be doing a marketing class, breaking away from my "usual" subject matter for trade show classes.

The other class has been proposed, but not officially confirmed, so I can't give specifics yet, but it will be a class project kind of class, with outline for retailers/instructors to go back and teach on their own, sponsored by a manufacturer with a cool new product line in the works.  How's that for vague?  ;)  Obviously I'll post more details as they become available.

I just wanted to post that I will definitely be at MemoryTrends in Vegas this fall, and I look forward to seeing some of you there!  Who will I see?

How Not to Respond to Requests for Media Interviews

OK - so I'm writing an article for Craftrends magazine, and to introduce material that might broaden perspectives a little, I decided to move beyond the scrapbooking world, even beyond the crafting world, and consult a couple of experts in their field.  I emailed my request, very politely asking if they would have time to respond to a few questions as resource information for an article in a trade magazine.  One expert hasn't responded to my request at all -- in her defense, it's possible my request got moved into her spam folder.  I understand that possibility.  Though, based on the response of the other expert, one of her good friends, I'm guessing she's just ignoring my request.

This is what got me -- in response to my request, I received an email back from this 2nd expert's assistant.  Ok, fine, she's a busy lady, I can understand having an assistant wade through her email.  (Must be nice!)  BUT -- this assistant replied back with the expert's CONSULTING RATES.  Excuse me?  A person in the media requests an interview, which just helps market this expert's brand and positioning, and she wants to charge me??  I replied back to the assistant, saying that actually, my request wasn't for consulting, but rather to interview her as a resource for an article I'm writing for a magazine.  I asked the assistant to let me know if [this expert] is not available for media interviews.  She replies back saying that "the honest truth is that [this expert] is just too busy right now to sit still for an interview. I know that she would add compelling content to your article so I've included a tip that could be used..." and she attached an article with tips to include in my article.

HUH?  TOO BUSY TO SIT STILL FOR INTERVIEWS??  I mean, I understand busy.  Really, I do.  I understand needing an assistant -- really, I do!  But I CANNOT understand being in such a position that you simply DON'T NEED the media!  I have NEVER turned down a request for an interview, whether it's print, or podcast, or blog, or chat -- no matter the size of the publication or website.  PR is PR, people. If I were too busy to handle the interview right then, I'd ask for the person's deadline, and either try to work with it, or suggest a follow up for another time.  There's just no reason to turn aside media coverage, at the very least not in the way this was done.

Other than a little ranting, part of my reason for posting this...if you're in the media, and would like to interview me...I feel your pain, and would be HAPPY to help you with your article!  ;P

Scrapbooking Idea: Scrap Your Firsts and Lasts

Via A Creative Journal:

Another good writing prompt for your journal is using the first time you experience just about anything. Your first kiss, your first trip away from home, your first boy/girlfriend, your first child… I’m sure you can come up with a good list of firsts on your own. On the days when you need a prompt for your journal writing turn to your list and write about one of the firsts that is relevant to you.

Along the same lines, you can always write about your lasts. The last time you visited a special place, the last time you saw a loved one, the last time you wore mink, the last book you read… Make a similar list to your firsts list and delve into memories and fun journal writing about the last time you experienced a particular event or emotion.

Do you need pictures to scrap these firsts/lasts?  No!  Just write -- describe the time, place, feelings, thoughts -- and decorate the page however you like, and you're done!  If you feel you must have a photo, go take one!  Or have someone else take one.  Or use a photo of you, taken around the same age.  No one's going to care if it wasn't taken at that precise moment -- the photo just needs to give a visual clue or trigger to give an idea of what you were like at that time.

Go Scrap Yourself!

Need Direction on Your Book of Me?

I just got an interesting email I'd like to share:

>>> I'm reading your book The Book of Me and am in the process of writing down memories of my life.  I have a lot.  My question is do I use them all or do I pare them down to a select few?  I don't want to overwhelm the people looking at my book of me, but I also want to leave a history of my life.  It seems to me that one normal 12x12 scrapbook album won't be big enough for that job.  What are your suggestions?>>>

I know many people have these kinds of questions, so I thought I'd share several thoughts.

Do I use them all or do I pare them down to a select few?
It would be a bit impossible to scrap or write about ALL your memories!  And you are by no means required to use ALL the prompts I offered in the Book -- there's probably too many prompts to adequately answer in one lifetime!  Just pick and choose the prompts that best help you tell your stories.  The prompts are there to help you tell your stories, when you don't know which ones to tell first, or don't know where to start.  Don't feel like you have to answer them all.

I don't want to overwhelm the people looking at my book of me, but I also want to leave a history of my life.
I wouldn't worry about that.  Tell the stories YOU want to tell -- they can pick and choose which ones they want to read.  If you write down your stories, they can read them or not.  If you *don't* write them down, they don't have that choice; you take it away from them.  It's not your responsibility to second-guess which stories someone else will find valuable or "worth" telling -- just write the stories you want to tell, and you've done your job.

It seems to me that one normal 12x12 scrapbook album won't be big enough for that job.
Probably not!  You can try to figure out which stories will be best represent you so you can fit them all in one album (typically about 40 2-page layouts fit in an album).  But that would be a bit of a challenge.  Many others, myself included, have decided to work on a Book of Me project in volumes -- that means that once you fill an album with layouts about yourself, just start another one.  It's my philosophy that as long as you're still living, you still have stories to tell.  And if you still have stories to tell, you're not done scrapping!  I firmly believe that a BoM is never "done" -- it's an ongoing project, because there are always more stories to tell, more stories to share with my friends and family -- the people that will need them the most when I'm gone.

I hope these thoughts help sort things out a bit.  Remember, a Book of Me can be a FUN project -- don't overstress and paralyze yourself by second-guessing what someone else wants out of it, or how it should look, or the perfect place to start.  Just START, and know you're doing good work.  ;)

Now, Go Scrap Yourself!

Host A Virtual Book Tour: A Blog Tour

The has posted an article on how to Host A Virtual Book Tour.  In the article she briefly outlines what a blog is, what a virtual tour is, and how to set one up.  She covers the basics quite nicely:

  • Target The Right Audience
  • Include Sales Information
  • Give A Deadline
  • Announce Your Blog Tour
  • Create An Itinerary
  • Give Something Away

Of course, there's much more that goes into setting up a virtual book tour, but if you're looking for a general overview, be sure to check out her article.

If you're looking for more specifics, as well as an extensive list of tried and true Best Practices, check out my ebook, Build Book Buzz with a Virtual Book Tour.