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Wholly Scrap! #1 January 29, 2006

Anyone up for a new scrapbooking podcast??  No promises for a weekly or even bi-weekly show, but I have several show topics up my sleeve, as well as interviews already recorded. 

Edited to Add: I have buttons posted on the homepage at One Scrappy Site, to make it reeeeeeal easy to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, Bloglines, PodcastPickle, PodcastAlley, My Yahoo!, and Feedburner.

Whollyscrapiconsm Wholly Scrap! #1 January 29, 2006

Introduction to ME
Scrapbooking Industry News via SB Industry News
Interview with Angie Warhurst of

Links mentioned during the show:

My blog at Typepad:
My website:
Two Chicks Designs
Moments Defined
Karen Foster Designs

Podsafe Music Credits, downloaded from
"Drive Away" by Matthew Ebel
"Get the Picture" by Lynn Julian
"Little Secret" by Julie Gribble



Mike Hamilton

wow I will have to check it out, adding it to my subscriptions now!

Mike Hamilton

seems to be an issue with the feedburner feed I am trying to add to iTunes to subscribe to the podcasts.

Angie Pedersen

The FeedBurner feed is

Or you can subscribe to the RSS at LibSyn:

Let me know if you keep having problems.
Thanks for checking it out, Mike!

Mike Hamilton

the new feedburner feed you posted above seems to be working. iTunes is downloading the show now. I have 12 hours plus of podcasts in my new unlistened to podcasts playlist so I might not get to listen to it until the weekend or monday (if I don't get to listen to much this weekend).

Look forward to listening to it.

I am in an All About Me page swap with 20 ladies in a scrapbooking group in my old home town Rochester, NY. (just moved to Surprise, AZ outside Phoenix) We are swapping in a month or two Really need to make those 20 6x6 pages soon!

Mike Hamilton

PS THANKS for getting back so quick.

Mike Hamilton

Just got done listening to the episode. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the other ideas you have up your sleeve. It was really good sounding and nicely produced. And the content was excellent as well.

Please keep them coming.

Angie Pedersen

AWESOME! Thanks so much for the feedback, Mike! I really appreciate it!

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