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FlyLady On the Air: The FLY Show

Thank you, Jesus, FlyLady has started a podcast!  Actually, she has a weekly online radio show on World Talk Radio, the same network that hosts the Diva Craft Lounge.  And she's actually had a show since October 2005; I only just found out about it.  FlyLady's valuable messages -- on MY time.  LOVE it!

Some of you may remember my mention of FlyLady in The Book of Me in the Homemaker chapter (p 30).  Here's the caption:

"Ode to FlyLady"
Do you have a mentor or author to thank?  This layout honors the struggle I have had with maintaining a smoothly-run household and how FlyLady Marla Cilley helped me through her website,  I printed out the Morning Routine and FlyLady history from the site along with one of her email reminders that I included in the pocket page on the right.

I can honestly say this woman's teachings (and, truly, ministry) changed my life, right when I really needed it.  I have, of course, fallen off the "Fly Wagon" several times since then, and really need to pick it back up.  And she enters my life right when I need her, again.  It's so great to be able to listen to her show on my mp3 player -- I've already had several "slaps-to-the-forehead" moments in listening to just one show. 

The one that particularly resounds with me right now? 

"You can't organize it if it's too much."

For a few years now, my office/scrap room has been completely out of control.  I keep whining to my husband that I just don't have a place for everything, that pretty much everything doesn't have a "home".  I have so much product, and no place to put it.  It's physically oppressive to me whenever I go down there (it's in the basement), and am constantly distracted from my priorities, and often can't even define what my priorities ARE.  I can't concentrate, and yet, that's where I spend a majority of my free time.  The physical clutter has become mental clutter, and it's not just limited to my office; it's the whole house.

Enter FlyLady...again.  There is not a way to efficiently organize a room if there is simply too much "stuff".   I need to be brutal with my clutter and things and stuff, and "fling" away what I don't need or want.  I frequently pass the new Children's Mercy hospital, and need to call them to see about donating my extra scrap stuff.  Bless them while blessing myself with more freedom to think and move.

Anyone else have some "flinging" to do??

Book Signing at The Paperie Place

I finally pulled this photo off my camera, so I thought I'd share.

I did a book signing for The Book of Us at The Paperie Place in Liberty, MO on January 28th.  The signing was done in conjunction with a Book of Us class taught by Andrea Sampson, owner of Scrap Outside the Box.  And here we are!  (Andrea on the left, me on the right)


She did a great job with the class -- the project has a very lumpy-bumpy mini-album.  It was super to meet her -- we've emailed on and off for a couple of years now, I think, and don't live that far away, really, but this was our first time meeting up.

Wholly Scrap! #2 February 17, 2006

Episode #2 Show Notes

Podcast Administrative Notes
Listener Mail 
Personal Notes from Angie: My articles in Scrapbook Answers & Memory Makers, and marketing consulting
Scrapbooking Industry News: Sarah Heidt & Colorbok
An interview with Sara Naumann from Hot Off the Press
My Scrapbooking Philosophy 

Links mentioned during the show:

My blog at Typepad:
Wholly Scrap, LLC the store:  (not affiliated with this show)
Michelle's podcast-listening tutorial
Kim Dushinski's blog: (mis-stated as
Angie's CHA Round-up
Nancy Nally's blog:
Epson CreativeZone
Hot Off the Press

Podsafe Music Credits, downloaded from

"Drive Away" by Matthew Ebel
"Flowers & Balloons" by Bliss Station


NOTE: This podcast is not affiliated, supported, or sponsored in any way by Wholly Scrap!, LLC, a scrapbooking store in New Hampshire.

Scrapbooking News via Family Tree Magazine Newsletter

So I just opened the latest issue of the E-mail Newsletter from Family Tree Magazine.  Imagine my surprise when I see my SB Industry News blog listed in the section titled "What's New in Scrapbooking"!

Attendees of this winter's Craft Hobby Association show, where scrapbooking manufacturers traditionally roll out new products, saw more of the same. "As for 'the next big thing,' there wasn't any news to report," writes scrapbooking author Angie Pederson [sic] on her
blog ( "Yes, there were plenty of new products, but nothing stood out as the next big trend."

Wild!  Just goes to show you never know who's reading your blog(s)!  Just keep posting and sooner or later you will get noticed!


I'm a "chocolate sex goddess"!

OK, this has GOT to be the best search request I've seen yet!  I was just checking out my stats here at Typepad, and checking out what search engine phrases brought people to my blog.  This is the first time I've seen this one:  MSN Search: angie chocolate sex goddess.

There are worse things I could be known for, I guess.  ::big wink::  One might think it was Book of Me, or even the more generic scrapbook journaling.  But I'm ok with angie-chocolate-sex-goddess, too.  If it brings traffic to my blog, I guess I can't complain.

P.S. Someone also clicked on my blog when searching for "speeches on scrapbooking".  If anyone out there is looking for a speech on scrapbooking, I'm your girl!  Email me, and we'll get something worked out!  ;)

Scrapbooking Idea: Trace a Recipe's Lineage

A student in my most recent Essentials of Scrapbook Journaling class, Margie Theiss, shared this idea as one of her writing assignments: for the journaling on a layout featuring a recipe for carrot cake, she traced the "lineage" of how she came to have (and use) the recipe.

I'm using a modified time line. I show the passage of a recipe through a family to me. The phrases, "who passed it along to," and, "who baked the cake for her Bible study class ... of which I was a member," will be in a line of letters going from one person to the next.

Layout Title: "My Favorite Cake is Carrot"

The layout will include the actual recipe for the cake

This is the recipe- beginning of time line

Wilma Shelton, "Cook Extraordinaire"
who passed it on to ...
her daughter,
Meredith Strom,"Hostess with the Mostest"
who passed it on to ...
her daughter,
Leslie Stadum, "Learned Leader"
who baked the cake for her Bible study class ... of which I was a member.

What a fabulous way to instantly add meaning to a recipe page, by honoring all those that came before, and played a part in you receiving the recipe, and sharing it with loved ones today.  To me, honoring other people's roles in our lives is what scrapbooking is all about.

Margie also shared these comments about the ESJ class:

Thanks for your encouragement and information in the class.  Learning to journal for my scrapbook pages has truly cemented scrapbooking as a hobby for me.  I'm sixty-six and never have had a hobby before. 

Love it!  The journaling bug strikes again! ;)

My thanks to Margie for allowing me to share this awesome idea!

Daily Scrap Challenges Resource List

Katie the Scrapbook Lady has posted an incredibly comprehesive list of Daily Scrap Challenges, found on various websites, such as The Digi Chick, Scrapbook Bytes, Scrapartist, and Crafty Girl.

In the scrapbooking community, a "challenge" is issued most often on a message board.  One person issues a challenge to other members to do a specific something, usually within a certain amount of time.  That specific something is often a task, such as create a layout with this color scheme, or create something using this technique.  These challenges are often just the motivation members need to get moving -- challenges are a friendly kick-in-the-butt to go create something.

Katie's list of challenges has a high bookmark factor -- bookmark this list to keep yourself inspired and motivated to get off your butt and CREATE!  Kudos again, Katie!

One Scrappy Site: Over 10,000 Scrappers Served...

I just posted this over at One Scrappy Site:

Wow. It's been a while in coming (2+ years since we revamped the site), but I noticed today that the Forum now lists 10,011 registered users for One Scrappy Site. That's a lot of font- and scrapoholics! I missed the "rollover" at 10,000, but I'm ok with that.  ;)

Other stats...
Typically there are about 100 (+ or -) people on the site at any given time. We had over 4 MILLION page views last year, and are up to about 420,000 page views for this year. It amazes me that OSS continues to be a resource for scrapbooking ideas and font downloads. Your continued support and site traffic humbles me, and I am grateful.

Have One Scrappy Day, everybody!

Pass On Your Wisdom

An invitation to pass on your wisdom

Here's an opportunity to celebrate and share how you live a wisdom-centered life. How you live from your spiritual center. How you use self-care as a foundation to build your life on. How you navigate a way through this crazy world from a place of authenticity and listening to Spirit.

Jennifer Louden ( wants to give a voice to today's woman by using her access to the media to shine a light on women who work hard to shape and create lives they love.

She has a goal to gather 100 brief stories (give or take 200-750 words) by February 22nd for her upcoming book. Will you take a moment to help meet her goal?

I know you have a story. Everyone does. Now's your chance to share it. It might be a 'how-to" story, a life-change story, a description of a moment when reconnected with your heart. The stories will profoundly illustrate how women organize their lives in uniquely feminine, spiritually-directed ways. A few examples are at

So, get a cup of tea, open your heart and help women by writing your short story . Jennifer might include it in her upcoming book due out in the Fall of 2006 on New World Library. If she gets enough stories, she'll create a web page to share them!

Don't worry about being formal or clever. Write from your heart.

And please pass this along to women you admire to spread the word, even if you don't have to time to write.

Think details, think small moments, think big life turns, think how you shape, create, develop YOUR life in your way. Send the story to BY FEBRUARY 23RD.

More about Jennifer at