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Document Preservation: Filing 'Precious Papers' for Scrapping Later

AWESOME scrap-management tip from Tina at SBB Faithbooking Inspirations.  She talks about various paper mementos she has gathered recently: handmade birthday cards, receipts, a letter from her son, etc.  Memorabilia she is excited to preserve and document in her scrapbooks.  "But, there is a problem," she writes...

...I am still only scrapbooking the end of 2004! - I am not ready to put those treasures in their eternal place of album pages.  So, what to do?

Easy!  I have 12 folders, each marked with a month and the year.  I keep them right in the Blessing Room in my house for easy access.  And, when I find that receipt, precious note, or special doodled picture - I write the important info on a sticky note, put it on the back of the paper, and, place it in the appropriate month's folder.  Then, when I finally get to that month or time of year, I have the papers dated, and the moment's special memory written down.

She goes on to specify exactly what you can notate about each piece, and suggestions for what papers can be saved.

Rock on, Tina!  It's specific, tested, do-able tips like this that are a gift to the scrapbooking community.  I bow to your greatness.  ;)

Comments on Sale Of Scrapbooking Magazines

Interesting comments RE Primedia's 'exploration' of selling off its crafting mag titles, on the Scrapbooking & How blog:

Primedia's exploration of the divestiture of its crafts unit is creating a stir.   The Mad Cropper worries "what could happen to my favourite mags -- Simple Scrapbooks and Creating Keepsakes."   Others might wonder if this could be the death knell for their favorite titles.   I'm here to tell you there is nothing to be concerned about.

Dave then goes into the business history of Primedia, and concludes the entry with:

The sale of Primedia's craft business segment is simply a part of the overall breaking apart of the company.   There is nothing in particular to be concerned with regarding the sale of Simple Scrapbooks, Creating Keepsakes, Craftrends or any other of these businesses.   It cannot fall into a worse organization.   Whoever acquires these publications will most likely manage them better than Primedia did.   The track record of businesses which leave Primedia is pretty good.

Interesting insights that I haven't read as a part of the news stories related on Yahoo and Bizwire.  Dave doesn't list any sources for his info, but it sounds plausible.  Any thoughts?

Google Advanced Search

I thought I would share one my most recent Favorite Things: Google Advanced Search.

Using the Advanced Search of Google, you can search for something within a specific domain.  So if you know you read something about handwritten notes on a specific website or blog, you can enter the site's URL under Domain, then enter "handwritten note" in the "with all of the words" searchbox near the top of the page.  Viola!  Instant site-specific search!

Scrapbooking Idea: Pictures of You

Rockester brings up a good point in her blog, my All:

Do you have this problem? If someone were to MAKE you do a layout or add your pic to a blog TODAY, could you find a recent photo from the last 12 months that you'd be happy to share?

Lack of photos is one of the most common Stumbling Blocks I found in teaching Book of Me classes.  Rockester provides some solid "Hand Over the Camera Tips" to get some good shots of yourself.  Here's a few sampled from her list:

  1. Get someone to help you shoot...husband, child, neighbor, or scrapbooking buddies will do!  Trade the favor!
  2. Use a timer and a stand! Or just prop the camera on a solid surface and use the timer if you need to go solo for the shoot.
  3. Create your own backdrops....Use your interests as backdrops in your pics! Of course, you can also hang a nice white or peach colored sheet at the front window too....
  4. Suck in! OR crop off!
  5. Be silly! At the very end, toss in a few goofy faces and crazy poses

I'm also a big fan of handing the camera yourself and sticking it out in front of yourself, then clicking away.  You often get funny angles, but they can be fun shots.  I love to do this to get pictures of me with my kids.

Kudos to Rock for sharing her photography experiment!

Build Book Buzz with a Virtual Book Tour: eBook now available!

My Virtual Book Tour (VBT) was such a success, and I've had several inquiries about how I set mine up.  It was trial and error, let me tell you!  While VBTs have been around a while, and several companies are running them, there really wasn't any comprehensive resource on the step-by-step how-to when I set mine up.  So I sort of felt my way through it, figuring things out as I went.  Some ideas worked; some didn't.  Some things I would do differently if I were to do another tour now.

I have compiled all of these steps, tips, and ideas into an ebook, now available at

I wrote this ebook so YOU can coordinate your OWN Virtual Book Tour. Using the specific step-by-step instructions, Best Practices tips, and promotional templates offered in this 20-page ebook, you will have everything you need to create your own book tour, from the comfort of your home! You can promote your book to a global audience -- without all the hassle of international travel! Imagine reaching readers in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, AND China, AND getting to sleep in your own bed at night!

With the guidance provided in this thoroughly researched ebook, you be able to target the sites that will provide the best exposure for your book. You will learn about what events to offer during your tour. You will feel comfortable making all the arrangements, and setting the promotional plan in motion -- allowing you to come in direct contact with THOUSANDS of people in your target audience!

Sneak a peek at the Table of Contents:

  • What Is a Virtual Book Tour?
  • Pros & Cons of a Virtual Book Tour
  • VBT Candidates -- Who Should & Should NOT Host a Tour?
  • 13 Steps to Setting Up Your Own Tour
  • Blogging Your Tour: Before, During, and After
  • How It Worked For Me
  • 20 Best Practices/Tips
  • List of Resource Websites & Articles (finding these links took me HOURS of Internet research!)
  • Sample Email to Send to Site Owners to Set Up Your Tour
  • Sample Email to Send to Potential Sponsors for Prize Donations
  • Sample Press Release

I wrote This ebook based on the experience of facilitating my own Virtual Book Tour for my third book. My tour received RAVE reviews and reached over 5800 people in my target audience! (Most book store tours reach about 50 people per store, if you're lucky).  The tour was a huge hit in my niche!

BUY NOW to start promoting YOUR book -- from the comfort of your own home!

Scrapbook Marketing Email Updates Available

I've just set up a FeedBlitz subscription option for my Scrapbook Marketing blog -- click here to subscribe to email updates when I post new entries to Scrapbook Marketing.

Each night FeedBlitz checks on your blog subscriptions, figures out the changes, and sends you a single, easy to read email with all the information at your fingertips. If there are no changes, you won't get a message, so FeedBlitz won't clutter up your email system with worthless emails.

So each time I post something new here, you'd receive an email that night.  Cool, huh?

[Originally posted January 11th]

Blog Tag...My Turn

I'm IT! Kelly says so! ;)

4 jobs i've had in my life...

  1. preschool teacher
  2. department store sales clerk
  3. Weight Watchers call center rep
  4. scrapbooking instructor

4 movies i could watch over and over...

  1. Princess Bride
  2. Fifth Element
  3. L.A. Story
  4. Pretty Woman

4 places i've lived

  1. Kansas City (Kansas side)
  2. Madison, WI
  3. St. Louis
  4. Kansas City (Missouri side)

4 tv shows i love to watch

  1. Desperate Housewives
  2. Grey's Anatomy
  3. Smallville
  4. Star Trek (any of the series, but I think I liked the most recent, "Enterprise" the best)

4 places i've been on vacation

  1. Rocky Mountain National Park
  2. DisneyWorld
  3. Paris, France/London, England (where we had dinner with Shimelle!)
  4. my in-law's lake house near Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

4 websites i visit daily

  1. Google/GoogleMail
  2. Bloglines
  3. Overheard in the Office/Overheard in New York
  4. OneScrappySite!

4 of my favorite foods

  1. pretty much anything chocolate
  2. most ice creams
  3. Milio's Subs (formerly Big Mike's) -- #4 Pilgrim's Pride/Jimmy John's #4 is also close
  4. Triple-Decker Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches

4 places i'd rather be right now

  1. in bed
  2. Madison, WI
  3. Paris, France
  4. shopping

4 bloggers i am tagging

  1. Kim
  2. Jill
  3. Carmen (who looks like she's already done it!)
  4. Wendi

Scrapbooking Basics class at Barnes & Noble University

I said I would tell you when my next FREE class was available for registration... That time is now!  You can now register for the Feburary session of Scrapbooking Basics at Barnes & Noble University!

In Scrapbooking Basics, you will learn how easy and fun it can be to preserve memories, values, and traditions so you can share them with family and friends. For those who have never scrapbooked before, this course will cover all of the basics, including what's required for "safe" scrapbooking and what supplies and materials you'll need to get started. We will then share ideas on common themes for page layouts and/or entire albums, while providing plenty of tips on what to include on your pages. And in order to help you document your memories and tell a story along the way, we'll provide some fun and thought-provoking journaling exercises. So brush the cobwebs off your photo boxes and get those creative juices flowing, because it's time to start scrapbooking!

The course is based on two texts, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Scrapbooking & the ever-popular Book of Me: A Guide to Scrapbooking about Yourself.

By the way, this is not a beginners-only class.  LOTS of 'veterans' take this class, and complete the course with renewed inspiration and motivation to organize their photos, memorabilia, and supplies, and start journaling like madwomen!

Please join me in February for this Scrapbooking Basics class, and be sure to introduce yourself!  I'd love to 'meet' you!

2006 - The "Me" Year for Scrapbooking?

Posted on Michelle's Scrapability blog...  She asks, Is 2006 - The "Me" Year for Scrapbooking?

Angie Pedersen may see all her dreams come true this year. Everyone is thinking "Me" lately. Being the author of The Book of Me, you sometimes wonder whether she might resent seeing so many other scrapbooking teachers take hold of the theme and move with it - but Angie instead just appears to enjoy seeing the movement take hold over the last few years. But, as for 2006, I believe that this may well become the single biggest Me year in scrapbooking that any of us have yet witnessed.

She goes on to provide several examples of why she thinks this may be a trend for the new year.  I responded in her comments, and share my comments here:

I've started a reply to this post several times, not completely sure how to respond. But each of my attempts started out with a big, heartfelt, mushy-gushy THANKS to you. I can't tell you want it means to me that you started, and ended, this entry by mentioning me. I value your support of my efforts so much. Thank you.

You always have such an eye for trends -- both current and upcoming. I think you're 'spot on' with this one, too. BoM-type topics have been growing as class and product fodder in the past few years, but it really is exploding right now. It blows me away. I also think your connection of these classes to the 80's Me generation idea is really interesting -- I never would have made that connection.

You wrote, "you sometimes wonder whether [Angie] might resent seeing so many other scrapbooking teachers take hold of the theme and move with it - but Angie instead just appears to enjoy seeing the movement take hold over the last few years." That is the answer I gave you in that interview, and for the most part it is still true. I wouldn't have written Book of Me if I didn't want the idea, the core philosophy to move forward. Do I sometimes feel like Not-One-of-the-Popular-Girls because others have run with it, and are quite successful with it, with no mention of me as the "founder"? Yeah, honestly, yeah, sometimes I do. It's hard not to feel like a "has-been" sometimes.

But I'm a big girl, and can step back and see the Big Picture (scrapbooking pun intended!) The bottom line is that people, women especially, are seeing their worth, and actively preserving a record of their worth. And they're enjoying the process. I know I had a part in that, even if most of the masses don't, anymore. I know that I spoke my piece, and I was heard. That's what BoM is all about.

Thanks for this post, Michelle.  You continue to ROCK.

What do *you* think?