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Oriental Trading Company's Scrapbooking Blog

Finally, a scrapbooking manufacturer really gets it!

You may remember back in August I commented on the fact that few scrapbooking companies/manufacturers are making use of blogging to help promote their businesses. 

I found a great example of a manufacturer's blog today, via AdPulp.  It seems Oriental Trading Company has started a line of "quality scrapbooking products at value prices".  (You may more readily recognize OTC as the distributor of novelties, toys, and party supplies.)  Max Riffner reports that he is writing the Fun Expressions blog, with the help of OTC's scrapbooking team.

He says that he's "learned quite a bit about scrapbooking" in working on this product line, and developing the blog content -- I'd say he's right.  He's been posting since October, and has referenced Ali Edwards' blog several times, the 2Ps Layout Gallery, the Scrapbook-Sketches blog, the rec.crafts.scrapbook Usenet group, and Nancy's Inside Scrapbooking blog.  (He seems to be missing MY blogs, however....)

I'm impressed with the knowledge he displays in just two months' of blogging; he's chosen newsworthy blog topics, and provides links for follow-through.  He's also making excellent use of the Typepad Photo Albums feature to show off OTC's products -- Look at this cute Christmas Mini Album made with OTC's Christmas Variety Punch Pack.  He provides the link to the product on the company website -- making this photo album entry truly informative (providing the project idea) AND promotional (could lead to sales).

So bravo and kudos to Max and OTC for getting it right, and so soon after starting!  Now just link to my blogs, and hire me to help you blog, and you'll REALLY be on the right track!  ;)



Looks like they are now fans of yours! Thanks for directing me to this new site, looks like fun.

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