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Getting Past Bloggers' Block

Darren has been posting various tips ProBlogger on Battling Bloggers Block.  As usual, he has some solid, specific, very do-able tips.  Here's #14:

Use Your Archives as Inspiration
After you’ve been writing on a topic for a year or more it’s normal to get to a point where you feel like you’ve said everything that needs to be said on a topic.

While you might have covered your topic fairly comprehensively it’s worth remembering that most of your readers will not have read everything that you’ve previously written - and if they have they are unlikely to remember it all. I’m constantly being asked by readers about topics that I’ve already covered which proves this point.

There’s no rules against having two or more posts on your blog on the same general topic.

Go back over some older posts and tackle some of the topics you’ve written about previously again.

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Other useful ideas:
Start with a Need
Collaborate with other Bloggers (I'm always open to this idea -- so keep me in mind!)
Comment on others' Blogs


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