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Back from MemoryTrends

I'm back from MemoryTrends, the most recent trade show!  I was there for just a short time, Saturday to Monday (originally) and caught a cold while I was there!  Man, it SUCKS flying home with a bad cold! Bleh!  It also sucked that I was *supposed* to fly home Monday evening, but since I had to switch planes in Denver, my flight was cancelled due to weather, so I had a "surprise" extra night in Vegas before catching a flight out Tuesday morning.  Long day traveling on Tuesday -- about 10 hours to get from Vegas to KC.

I don't really have much to report, since I was there such a short time. I didn't get to a majority of the booths since I was there mostly before the show started. I taught a class on Sunday that went REALLY well, and had a great meeting with Debbie Mock of Memory Makers on Monday that also went well. I took only a handful of pictures (some of the live penguins at the Flamingo hotel), but shipped home a big box of press kits, so I'll be posting that info on my SB Industry News blog as soon as I can.

I got to meet Jan Mollet-Evans briefly while we were both hanging around the Karen Foster booth. Jan said PC Smart was stuck in Phoenix at the time, so I missed meeting her in person.

I ran into Stephanie Barnard -- she was chatting to the gals at the Moments Defined booth when I saw her. She says her position at PaperKuts is going well.

I also got to meet Crafty Girl Kelly Angard while she was demo'ing at the Memory Makers booth.  She even recognized my name, and said she sort of "knew" me through Michelle at Scrapability.  It's a small scrapping world!   Made a totally cute bracelet with some fun techniques -- that girl is FAST! I had to scoot to my appt with Debbie Mock, so Kelly even finished up my bracelet for me! She is too sweet! I would have loved to hang out with her more.  Kelly was there promoting her new Creative Collage for Scrapbooks, which looks totally amazing.

Chatted a bit with Sara Naumann at the Hot Off the Press booth -- I've emailed with her several times, and she wrote the foreword for my third book, The Book of Us, but we had never really met in person, so it was nice to do so, even briefly.  HOTP was debuting the new sarabinders, which were well-received.

That's all my NyQuil-fuzzed brain can produce right now -- I'll post more on my blog later probably.



I'm glad you had a good time, sorry for the unexpected layover.

The worst thing in the world is flying with a cold. Torture, pure torture.

Kim Dushinski

Welcome back! Can't wait to see the news you can share from the trade show. =:)

Angie Pedersen

Thanks, ladies! I'm slowly working my way through this cold, and have been posting newsbytes at and in the meantime.

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