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Blog for Relief Weekend, and Scrappers to the Rescue

Donate to the Red Cross

September 1st is Blog for Relief Day [this has been extended to a full Weekend: Sept 1-5], "focused on raising awareness of and funds for relief efforts to aid those affected by Hurricane Katrina."

Katrina has hit home for scrapbookers, literally -- for instance, I saw over at 2Ps that Jlyne's family (of ScrapSubmit) has lost everything. Sadly, I know she's not the only scrapper affected.

I've seen some wonderful gifts being donated to deal with the crisis: just sent out a newsletter with the following announcement:

30% of all digital sales made using the coupon code AUG246 will be donated by to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. If you'd also like to make a donation directly, the following organizations are a sampling of those currently assisting in the evacuation and recovery effort and could use your support. You can click on the links below to go to their websites and make a charitable contribution. ( is not directly endorsing any of these organizations, just seeking to raise awareness of some that have come to our attention to help interested readers find a service that may align with their outlook.)

American Red Cross
Catholic Charities
Episcopal Relief and Development
Humane Society
Mennonite Disaster Services
The Mercy Corps
Methodist Relief.
LDS Humanitarian Services
Operation Blessing
Salvation Army
Samaritan's Purse
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

And Wendi Speciale Designs has agreed to transfer the value of their recently-awarded grand prize to aid Jlyne and her family.

If anyone hears of other scrapbook-related sales/donations/etc being offered to benefit hurricane victims, please post in the comments, and I will Edit to Add.

Edited to Add:

More charity links from Kajira's blog (be sure to check out her blog for info on various scrap-related sales to benefit hurricane victims):

The staff at the Digi Chick are collaborating on a digital mega kit to sell where all proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.  Available on Monday, September 5th.  Digi Chick Designer Andie Smith has already made the Katrina Paper Pack available, proceeds also to go to Red Cross.

Scrap Outside the Box is offering a download of their huge collaborative kit by the SOTB designers, Caliente Cropper, in return for a $15+ donation to the American Red Cross, the LDS Disaster Relief Fund, or Christian Relief Fund.  They are also hosting a special chat and crop Saturday, Sept. 4th, at 9 p.m. eastern using the Katrina Jiffy Scrap collections.

Jackie at Lifetime Moments included this tip in her recent newsletter:
In the past auctions at LM have been successful raising funds to help kids at the holidays and to help our friend Rene’ with medical expenses. I went searching for the quickest way we could do this and researched ebay Giving Works. You can sell items on eBay through the Giving Works program with and donate up to 100% of the proceeds to help support relief efforts. You can choose from several charities including the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. I would like to encourage you to consider helping in this way. If you list something to benefit one of the charities, please post a link here on the LM message board. It might be something scrapping or non-scrapping related.  We are also working on some other ideas for helping out and will announce them as soon as we have more information.  LM has these auctions listed, as well as some kits in their online store.  UPDATE: I have donated a signed copy of Book of Us to Jackie's fundraising efforts -- right now the price is a steal, so swoop in to bid!

Karen at Luv2Scrapbook is hosting a SCRAP-A-THON until the end of September. Each participant will make a commitment to scrapbook so many pages between now and the end of the month. Participants seek pledges for the number of pages that they scrapbook. The money raised will be sent to the American Red Cross to be used for assistance to hurricane victims. Luv2's goal is to raise at least $1000.  Luv2 is also hosting an all-day crop at their Ft. Wayne store location Saturday, September 24th from 9am-9pm. Food will be provided.  20% of all sales for that day will also go to the Red Cross Relief Fund.   Check out the Luv2 Forums for more information.

Scrapper's Daily Dose will be hosting a Hurricane Katrina Relief Crop October 7th-9th.

Chatterbox, Inc. is offering five Paper Crafting Kits for sale on its website; ALL proceeds will go to victims of Hurricane Katrina.  (ScrapNancy mentioned this promo at in the Pub at 2Ps)

Scriptorium Fonts made this offer in a recent newsletter:
At The Scriptorium we want to do what we can to help with the disaster relief in Louisiana and Mississippi. Since we make fonts, we're going to put those fonts to work and support the Red Cross relief fund.  Each day during the next week we're going to take all proceeds from the sales of one selected font and donate it to the Red Cross. We'll change fonts every couple of days so you can donate more than once and get more than one font for your efforts. The first font we're featuring is Ironworks, which has the look of letters made from wrought iron fence in the style for which New Orleans' Garden District is famous. So if you want to help with disaster relief, stop by our main page and get all the info on how you can help people out and get a free font at the same time.

According to Carrie Stephens' blog:
The generous ladies at scrapartist are ...generously donating proceeds 9/1 Through Sunday 9/4 to the red cross!  Everything on the entire site is a whopping 50 percent off!!  [Editor's Note: Check out the Aged Florals kit!  Gorgeous!]

Promos4Digital Scrappers has set up a gallery for digi-designers/sites to upload previews of kits created for fundraing or related announcements/ads. You can see the gallery here.  Also read the Announcement thread in the P4D forums here for more information on designers making donations.

Scrapbooking Kids Ezine

My friend R. Lynn Baker recently published the latest issue of her The Scrappin' Class Ezine.  She said it was an "extra large" issue, and she wasn't kidding!  It's chock full of fun ideas to use to introduce/experience scrapbooking with the kids in your life:

All About Me scrapbooking layouts (ahem, also known as Book of Me layouts)
Altered Pencil Holders
Family Reunion Mini Album-in-a-box
Family Favorite Recipe Cards
Family Movie Night Paint Can
Ideas for Altered Clipboards
FUN family Book of Proverbs
Family Time Capsule (see also my blog post about Time Capsules)
Back-to-School projects for students and teachers
a different take on a paper bag album

Lynn has some great ideas for scrapbooking with kids -- fun, specific, step-by-step ideas.  The girl has done her research.  Check out my review of Lynn's book here.

Interested in more ideas for scrapbooking with kids?  Check out my second book, Growing Up Me.

Turn Postcards Into Wall Decorations

Via Lifehacker: Turn Postcards Into Wall Decorations

Save money on decorations and add mementos to your rooms by putting framed postcards on your walls. Postcards fit nicely in 5x7, 8x10 or 8.5x11 frames. If you choose a larger frame then use matching-color card stock paper as background. The 8.5x11 frames work best with these since the paper usually comes in that size and thus requires no trimming. Just paste the postcard on the background sheet, pop in the frame and you are ready to go. This same trick works well for greetings cards, too.

Great way to save memories of vacations -- I would further suggest to note the date of the vacation along one of the sides of the postcard (in archival ink, of course!)

Innovative Scrapbookers

Over at the Designer News Network message board, PC Smart (aka Mojito) has started a thread about innovators in the scrapbooking industry:

...this is where we can talk and share about designers, companies or publishers who are innovators...taking the next step....kind of a cross between "wow, what a great idea" and "why didn't i think of that?" you know of any other innovators that you would like to celebrate?

Among those innovators suggested: Wendy at, Jlyne at, Thena, "ZingQueen", Jan Evans, Holly VanDyne of Scrapbook Resumes, Stephanie B (Barnard?), Jeanne Wines-Reed, and Michelle Shefveland.

Then my new-best-friend R. Lynn Baker piped up and 'nominated' me!

...I still think you're overlooking some More people  [Razz] 

She knows I think the world of her... Angie Pedersen... her ideas have made us take a step back and look at ourselves-- not just others as the "subjects" of our pages... she is also an innovative thinker in the PR dept. -- doing virtual book tours, teleseminars, The Blog of ME, industry news, etc. She just rocks! [Big Grin]

[and Carmen seconded it:] Yep, Angie DEFINITELY belongs on the list -- adding to that her outstanding Yahoo groups as a way for both "Book of Me" scrappers and teachers of "Book of Me" classes to learn from her and one another. Don't if she still does those, but I found the group I was in to be very helpful. [Note: Yes, I still have those resources available -- they're on my Forums at One Scrappy Site now.]

My contributions to the Scrapbook Innovators list:
Amy Edwards, owner of, the first real home for digi-scrappers

Cropper Hopper, who gave us the first storage solutions to safely store our 12x12 paper

Autumn Leaves, for the "Designing with..." series

Michele Gerbrandt, for starting the first scrapbooking magazine (Memory Makers)

Rhonda Solomon, for her "Unique Techniques" series, which, if I'm not mistaken, first officially introduced tags onto the scrapbooking scene. (of course, the minute I say that, I'm mistaken, but I'll take that chance)

Hoki Sato, for being a pioneer in punchart

Creative Memories, for being the first company to truly bring sb'ing to the masses.

Sound off!  Who do you think are scrapbook innovators?  Who has "changed the face of scrapbooking"?  Who has introduced concepts, products, ideas, techniques, and/or services that are/were not previously available?

Advice for Wannabe Scrapbook Storeowners

Kim has posted some interesting and enlightening comments on her blog about Starting a Scrapbook Store.  I have to say I agree with her.  I've heard comments very similar to the ones she mentions.  There are so many people who think just because their basement is filled with scrapbooking supplies, they should just open a store.  Or because they are a talented scrapbooker, they should open a store.  Or whatever other misguided reasoning.

What Kim says is absolutely true -- if you don't have a head for business, and you don't have a specific, concrete business plan, more than likely your business venture will fail.  Horribly.  And it will take you years to recover personally and financially.  Because not only are you out the money you poured in, you're also out the time with your family and friends.  Starting a scrapbooking store is MORE than a full-time job -- you will LIVE at the store and eat pizza every night for a year.  Don't expect time for much else.  And don't think you can open a store without a partner.  If you don't have a business partner, your spouse will become your partner, whether he wants to or not.

All of the above explain why I have not opened a store, and why I never will.  (I know, never say never, but I feel pretty comfortable saying that in this situation.)

Scrap Your Sexy Self

Via Ali Edwards' blog... this challenge at Amber Nichole's Me, Myself, & I:

Everyone is sexy.
Some by definition of society,
some by definition of self-worth.
Some base it on what the opposite sex thinks,
some base it on what MTV thinks.
Some find it within.
Some women pretend that it isn’t there,
some women flaunt it,
and some women hide it.
Some women hate it,
some women love it.
If you think this dare does not pertain to you…you are the one’s that we really want to see.
Look in a mirror,
look at your art,
look at your mind,
look at your soul.
You might be surprised what you see.
You are sexy.
No matter which of these women you might be,
scrap it in the best way you see fit.
Scrap it honestly, scrap it goofy, scrap it crazy.
There are no rules, there are no right or wrongs.

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  How freakin' fabulous is this??  LOVE this challenge, and LOVE the layouts posted on her blog for the challenge (see link above).  Whoa.  Totally whoa.

Geez, I don't know how I'd scrap this.  For all my me-related layouts, even the "Top 10 Things I Like about Me", I've never considered my "sexy" attributes.  How intimidating.  Definitely a challenge.  How brave those women are for facing up to the insecurity and not only scrapping it, but posting it online.  But with that sharing of themselves, they are helping others.  So awesome, and inspiring.

Birthday Wishes

Another year has come and gone -- I turned 34 yesterday, and have the gray hairs to show for it.  (Though I often joke that each one of those gray hairs has a "J" on it -- for James and Joanne, my kids)

I had a lovely restful day -- got the kids off to school, took a nap, read a funny romance (Reinventing Mona), scanned some pictures to crop tomorrow, and crockpot-ed dinner so I wouldn't have to fuss later.

I also received some wonderful well-wishes -- I have such good friends!
Michelle at Scrapability and Queue_T made me birthday digi-greetings!  Blew me away!
I got ecards from Karen, Marpy, a friend from high school, AND a friend from college, and emails from Lynette and Cindy.  I also got a goregous envelope mini-book-card AND a phone call from my dear friend Leslie.

Edited to Add: Thena wrote me a poem!

It feels so wonderful to be remembered -- thank you so much, ladies!!

Why to blog: 51% of journalists use blogs

Via The Blog Herald, via the Editors Weblog...
Another reason to create a business blog -- 51% of journalists use blogs.

This means that journalists are turning to blogs for finding story ideas and research facts.  If a reporter wanted to do a story on scrapbooking, would they be able to find you and/or your company?  Would your site/blog convince them to contact you for more information?

Blogs are indexed by search engines more quickly and readily than "regular" websites, often putting them at the top of search results.  Blogs can help your business get noticed by the media.

Organizing Kid’s School Stuff

Recently, in my Scrapbooking Basics class at Barnes & Noble University, one of my students asked how to deal effectively with the piles of artwork and memorabilia kids bring home from school. 

What about memorabilia? I mean it shouldn't really be stored in the photo boxes with the photos (especially not long term)?  But again, my issue is with items that are too big for a photo box, even if I just had a dedicated photobox. Right now I have a bunch of papers in those rubbermaid underbed storage thingies...but this is NOT working...I would be hard pressed to go in and find a particular item...

Unfortunately, I would have suggested a large Rubbermaid tote! Since it's not working for you, you might make note of what isn't working for you, so you can start making a "shopping list" of features you want in a container. You've also done the right thing by asking a group of other scrapbookers -- they're your best bet for finding information/advice. Hopefully someone else here can give you better ideas than I've come up with. Unfortunately, I have my own collection of unwieldy artwork/memorabilia stored in boxes in my closet! So, sadly, even some "experts" need help in this area!

Then today I found a great article posted at Kim Dushinski's Scrappin' Cabinet! Organizing Kid’s School Stuff is from Kim Wolinski's newsletter.  She also has some great resources on her Get Organized Today blog.

Good stuff!  Thanks Kim and Kim!  ;)