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MemoryTrends has posted the workshop/seminar lineup for their October 2005 show.  My class can be found under the "D" section, taking place on Sunday, October 9, 3-4:30pm.  Here's the description:

Scrapbooks that Sing with Soul
Presented by Angie Pedersen
Sponsored by Boxer Scrapbooks

Learn tips and ideas to coach reluctant writers to journal and add meaning to their projects.  Learn about new products and how to upsell them by teaching Book of Me and Book of Us classes.  Learn quick and easy journaling ideas that writers of all skill levels can do and feel good about.  Receive a signed copy of Angie's Pedersen's The Book of Us and product samples.  All attendees will receive a follow-up email report compiled from the interactive ideas generated in class.  All receive "From Crickets to 'Class-Full'", a report providing ideas for planning and promoting profitable classes.

I'm really looking forward to this class, because it will be quite a bit different from my usual lecture-with-project-if-we-have-enough-time format.  It's going to be interactive, drawing input from attendees for what has (and hasn't) worked for them in their stores.  Something I always notice about teaching classes at trade shows is that store owners don't get time to specifically focus on networking with other store owners, getting feedback on "Best Practices" kinds of techniques.  The best people to provide this kind of information is the people who already do what you do -- a "been there, done that" kind of expertise.  This is what I want to capitalize on in my class.  I'll ask "leading questions" to get at the expertise the students already have, while expanding on that content from my own deep well of experience. 

My publisher and I are playing around with classroom logistics, but we're looking at putting up large pieces of paper on the walls with topics/questions, and students can wander around writing down their comments.  We'll come back together in a group and discuss the ideas/information.  Then after MemoryTrends, I'll compile everything along with some class ideas and email it out to all participants.  Haven't there been some classes you've taken where you wish someone had taken detailed notes FOR you??  Here's your chance!

This is basically the format I want(ed) to do for my Book of Me Certification Workshop -- I've toyed around with the idea of offering a workshop where I "train the trainer" to teach Book of Me classes on her own.  For a variety of reasons, this workshop hasn't come together yet.  This class at MT is the closest yet, and I'm really excited about it.

Hope to meet some of you in my class at MemoryTrends in Vegas in October!

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I attended a conferance last year (non-sb) that offered notes taken by a professional note-taker afterward (by email). It was awesome. I felt like I could relax and absorb without being worried that I missed something vital. Great idea, Angie!!

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