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Angie your store??

As a result of my recent post (RE: class at Scrapbooker's Dream), a number of people emailed me privately to ask if I'm planning to come to their area in the near future.

Two comments on these questions:

  1. My travel calendar is here: I keep it (almost) consistently updated, so chances are it's correct.  If you don't see a location near you listed, I probably don't have plans to travel there (at this point).
  2. My travel calendar depends entirely on my classes being sponsored by a local store/retreat/convention/etc -- meaning they pay for my travel costs and teaching fees.  It has nothing to do with whether I want to visit a specific area -- I'm happy to go just about anywhere and teach!  ;) If you know a local store in your area that might be interested in bringing me in to teach some classes, give them this link:, then have them email me for more details.

How does it all work?  A local store owner (or event planner) emails me, and asks what she has to do to get me to teach a class at her store.  I usually respond with something pithy, like, "Just ask! ;)", then I also attach a PDF of details outlining my fees, travel arrangements, supplies for the classes, and links to my class descriptions and travel calendar.  If the rates work for her budget, we decide on a date, and start making arrangements.  Quite a few emails fly back and forth -- deciding which classes to offer, supply lists for the classes, discussion of supply substitutions, travel preferences, etc.  The weekend arrives, I fly out, teach my classes, everyone has a kick-butt time, and the store owner sells out of my books.  Win-win-win all around!  ;)

It may seem like some mystical thing, getting a "celebrity" to come out and teach, but really, it's as simple as an email.  I'd be willing to bet that'd be true for other "celebrities" too.  And since I put my email on so many things, it's particularly easy to get a hold of me!  ;)

Let me know if you have any questions!



Of course you'll be in Independence TOMORROW!!! And I have out of town guests. My parents are here and they don't scrap and I'm still recovering from surgery. Rats! Maybe you'll do something in Kansas City soon, which is closer to me anyway. :-)

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