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WOW!  I just realized I haven't blogged in a few days -- this Virtual Book Tour has kinda wiped me out here at the end.  A different site every day for two weeks has left me a little frazzled.  But I shall soldier on!  ;)

Wednesday's stop was at Scrapping with Style, which is based in North Carolina.  This was kind of a low-key stop; I provided some inspirational quotes and issued a challenge to be posted to their Gallery by Monday morning, and answered a few questions on an Ask Angie thread in the Forums.  It was nice to catch my breath a little bit!  ;)

Thursday's stop was at Digital Scrapbook Place, which is based in Ohio.  I had done a chat there at the beginning of April to help celebrate their birthday, so it was nice to touch base with everyone again.  We did a chat on Thursday night, hosted by the talented Jamie Rousselle.  I posted a challenge near the beginning of the chat, then answered some questions.  Some of the days are blurring together now, so I don't remember if there was a log of this chat.  I'll have to ask Jamie about that.  This tour stop also included a book review by Jamie, so be sure to check that out, too.

I was really nervous Friday's stop to KiwiScraps, which is based in Wellington, New Zealand.  My Friday was their Saturday, which meant it was National Scrapbooking Day for them.  They had arranged this massive nationwide event in honor of the day, and made a pretty big deal about my appearance.  I was worried that somehow I would let them down, or that something wouldn't go smoothly, and there I'd be in front of a whole COUNTRY with cyber-egg on my face.  But Janine/Tinks had everything under control, and it was a beautiful thing.  I was stunned by the amount of work that she put into this event -- she coordinated getting FREE product packets to all the croppers there in Wellington, as well as the *NINE* sattellite crops around the country.  Janine and I arranged for me to log in for chats throughout the crop, at 6pm, 8pm, and 10pm my time.  As I understand it, they had the chats going on a computer there in the store in Wellington, and projected that so everyone at the crop could see, and shout out questions for me.  Several of the satellite crops also logged in during each chat time, so it really was a nationwide event.  It turned out to be lovely, with some great questions:

If someone wanted to understand the essence of you what 5 things would they really need to know?

  1. I appreciate straight talk, as long as you're kind about it.  ;)
  2. My husband and my kids are my top priorities.  The house is about dead last, much to my husband's dismay.
  3. I have a good sense of humor and expect others to use theirs too.
  4. Offer me some ice cream and we'll get along fine.
  5. I expect others to do their best and work hard, because that's what I expect of myself.

Who are your scrapping influences?  Who do you admire?

I have different heroes for different reasons... Every layout or project I look at teaches me something; I've learned some specific things from certain people. I love Cathy Zielske's and Annie Wheatcraft's clean and simple style. I love Jessie Baldwin's and Jess Atkinson's journaling. I love Faye Morrow Bell's inspiration articles in CK. I love Michelle Underwood's and Rhonna Farrer's digital pages and kits. I love Renee Camacho's and Ali Edwards' photos. and I love Jennifer Ditz McGuire's handwriting, journaling, and use of pattern paper.

I've heard they're going to put up a transcript of the chat; I'll post a link to it on the VBT webpage when I get that info.  EDITED TO ADD: LINK TO CHAT TRANSCRIPT

Yesterday's tour stop was One Scrappy Site, my own website, based (obviously) here in Kansas City.  Since several contributors to The Book of US are on my Creative Team, I thought it would be fun to do a twist on the usual interview article by including responses from several of them.  So we each thought up an interview question, then answered them all, ending up with a sort of "Round Robin Interview".  It was really interesting reading all the different answers! 

I wanted OSS to be sort of the big "Ta DA!" at the end of the tour, especially with it being National Scrapbooking Day here in the States, but honestly, I am just exhausted nearing the end here.  So at least OSS got something a little different -- the "round-robin" interview piece, highlighting the fact that OSS is a site with all this special PUBLISHED talent in one place.  Hey?  I'm hoping to get another "inspirational" piece up on the site today or tomorrow, and will update the VBT webpage accordingly.

There is one more site rounding out the tour today -- a review at StoryCircle.org.  I love the mission of this group:

The Story Circle Network is dedicated to helping women share the stories of their lives and to raising public awareness of the importance of women's personal histories. We carry out our mission through publications, a web site, classes, workshops, writing and reading circles, and woman-focused programs. Our activities empower women to tell their stories, discover their identities through their stories, and choose to be the authors of their own lives.

The Story Circle Network is made up of women who want to explore their lives and their souls through life-writing--writing that focuses on our personal experience, through memoirs and autobiographies, in diaries and journals, in personal essays, in poetry. The Network is for every woman who aims to claim the power of her experience, who wants to map her journey, and who is determined to name herself. The Network is for you.




It was great having you at DSP again Angie, hope you had a nice time! I posted the link to the chat transcript up above. See you around!

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