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UKScrappers Recap

Yesterday I wound up my weekend in the UK -- one day there and one day back with NO JET LAG has to be some kind of record!  ;)  I spent the afternoon with the ladies at UKScrappers -- I had posted my challenge on April 25th, and drew the winner of random prize drawing last night just before the chat.  The chat was interesting -- most of the questions were related to Book of Me.  One topic that hasn't seen a lot of discussion in the tour thus far:

How do you tackle difficult subjects in a BOM [Book of Me]? Say slightly difficult relationships with living relations. You don't want to write to whole truth as that would hurt the person if they read it but you can't face doing a super nice page either?
There's a number of ways to approach difficult subjects.

Scrap what you're comfortable with addressing at this point. If it's too painful or uncomfortable, the topic will keep until you are in a better place to address it. There is no "statute of limitations" on scrapbook topics!

If you want to scrap some stories/experiences, but don't want the general "public" to read your journaling, you can use "hidden journaling" on your layout(s). With this technique you journal whatever you want to say about a topic, but "hide" it behind a flap, a pull-out, a card, in a pocket, or on the back of the layout itself. Shimelle Laine shared some hidden journaling tips and tricks on my BookofMe list.

A lot of people struggle with the concern, "but what will people think when they see all this 'yucky stuff'"?

  1. It's YOUR "yucky stuff" -- you're allowed to write about it, and work through it.
  2. It doesn't matter what other people think; this project is for YOU, and your mental health. I do understand about trying to shield your kids -- I have stuff in my book that my kids wouldn't understand either, but when they look through it now, they just gloss over those pages, because it doesn't mean anything to them right now. When they're teens it will mean something, but I'll figure out how to approach those topics in 5-10 years or so. <grin>
  3. You're not "pushing your feelings" on anyone by scrapping unpleasant topics -- you're writing about your experiences, your truth. You are allowed to do this. You can decide whether you think they are ready to deal with it yet.
  4. You don't have to share the books with anyone until you're ready. This may be 2 months down the line, or after you're gone. You can also create a separate scrapbook of completely private stuff that you can choose to share with certain people, or no one at all, sort of like an illustrated personal journal.

Today I'm stopping at Pages of the Heart, a paper/digital site based in Mississippi, where it is partly cloudy with a high of 71° (a bit nicer than it is where I actually am: sunny, but with a high of only 58°). I expect to post a challenge fairly soon, so people have time to work on it, and post something in the Gallery so I can announce a winner of the random drawing tonight.  (At least that's how I think it will work.  We may extend the deadline a bit, and just do a general chat.  I'm flexible on that.  ;) )  The chat is scheduled for 6pm Central/7pm Eastern to 10pm Central/11pm Eastern -- though I'm not going to promise to actually be in the chat room that whole time.  I *do* have a husband and kids who would probably balk at that four-hour window!  So I'll probably be there for the first hour, then pop in and out and again the rest of the time.  Again, I'll be flexible on that.  ;)



Hi Angie! I just started reading through the archives at scrapability and I saw this quote... "and gave a keynote presentation to 1450 people." Just one?? If there's only one then you MUST be speaking of the ONE I attended....CTMH??? You did a wonderful job and I was very inspired by your message.

I just stumbled across your blog a couple weeks ago and I've had fun reading it and have found some wonderful blogs through your links.

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