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The Self Portrait Challenge

Found this COOL idea while clicking through blogs tonight:

How about, when you have nothing better to do, you lie on a big sheet of paper and get the girls to trace around you and then do a self portraiture using the body shape.

Once you have the shape hang it up for awhile - answer some of these questions and then go for it using all your favourite mediums - language, collage, whatever takes your fancy.

Reflect upon your psychological and spiritual evolution and describe the roads you have chosen to travel.
Where are you going?
What conflicts are you dealing with?
What do you love? Whom do you love? How do you love?
Colour your moods!
What are your dreams or visions for the future and how much attention do you pay to them?
Reflect on the dark side.
Draw those night terrors. Have them spurting forth from your head.
What don't you like about yourself?
What things have bought you pain?
What are you afraid of?
What has bought you joy?
What parts of yourself are you reluctant to claim?
If you did a retrospective who would you present?


extract from email to Stephanie Hansen from Heather Blakey

The resulting art piece from this challenge might be interesting to pair with the photos resulting from Ali Edwards' Self-Portrait Challenge.

There was an interesting interview article paired with Heather's challenge -- be sure to check it out!


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