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This was my weekend "touring" the UK with my Virtual Book Tour -- it started yesterday at Michelle's blog at Scrapability.  I was absolutely floored at the amount of work she put into my stop -- quite flattered, and actually a bit humbled.  I only hope she got as much out of it as I did.

She seemed quite proud that hers is the only blog on my tour, so she wanted to make sure that the stop was very bloggy - meaning that it made the most of being a blog.  She set up a separate blog area for the VBT, then proceeded to post these amazingly well-thought-out posts that must have taken hours of research and preparation.  She started the section with my official press release, announcing my upcoming tour, then posted her expectations for what might make her stop different from others in my tour, because of its blog format.  She even wished me well when the tour started.  Her blog features an amazingly thorough Big Archive of Links, linking to all the elements of the tour so far -- I think she may even have caught some links I missed in my own archive!

Even more than all of the above, her insightful entries on blogging memes, applying blog topics to a Book of Me/Us, blogging trends, and the future of blogs impressed the hell out of me.  I felt intimidated to comment on these entries because she'd already pretty much said it all!  I guess I could have posted, "Yeah!  What she said!" but I got an image to uphold, ya know?  ;)  She put so much work into compiling all the information in these entries -- I love how she ties it all together and gives you a big ole chunk of meaty content to chew on for a while.

She also posted the interview piece she did with me for Scrapbook Craft, a UK scrapbooking magazine.  She asked one question in particular that really stood out for me, because she's the only one who's ever asked it:

There are so many classes, magazine articles and day to day usages of “Book of Me”, BOM or Me-Albums nowadays, and you possibly aren’t receiving a lot of money from being the originator of the whole concept. Do you ever regret sharing the inspiration which the Book of Me provides so openly?

Read my answer, and the whole interview here.

I really enjoyed reading her entries, several times each, and just *thinking* -- contemplating all the possibilities of blogs and blogging, what it is coming to mean to not only the future of mass media, but also scrapbooking.  I find all these related concepts fascinating, and it was wonderful to spend the day just kind of mulling it all over.


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