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Pages of the Heart VBT recap

Scrap Outside the Box recap

Yesterday's tour stop was Scrap Outside the Box, based in Missouri, not too far from me here in Kansas City, actually!  So the weather was definitely something I'm used to, sunny with a high in the upper 60s.

There were a couple of highlight's from yesterday's tour stop -- one was Cristina's interview piece.  I LOVE her opening bit -- in fact, I loved it so much, I read it out loud to my kids!  They loved it!  But not as much as *I* did!!  So very clever and totally fabulous!  It just set the tone for the whole piece, and made me smile the whole way through!  Be sure to also read Cristina's review, and Andrea's review.

Another highlight was the chat last night -- there were about 19 of us there at the peak, and we gabbed about just about everything: Scandinavian ancestry, printers & inks, the boom of digital scrappers, FlyLady, Cristina's Me, Myself, & I workshop, and my upcoming classes, among other topics.  I found out that Cristina isn't too far from Atlanta, and now it looks like she may be joining me there for my classes there over Memorial Day weekend!  Whohoo!  Can't wait to meet her IRL (in real life)!

Some interesting questions from the chat:

When you look back at something you did several years ago, do you like it still, or do you criticize it?
I DO like them still -- it makes me smile, thinking about the crop I was at, or the techniques that were hot, or just the memory in general.  I don't anticipate re-scrapping old layouts. 

I want to know about your favorite layout, Angie. Do you have a fave?  anything really stretched you? Like, you learned a new technique for it, or worked on it for three months, etc?
Oh geez!  That's like asking to pick a favorite child! You love different ones for different reasons, ya know? I still love a lot of the ones from BoM (Book of ME), because they helped me through so much.   Anymore, most of my layouts take me three months! LOL That whole time management thing! I do love the altered canvas I did as a project example for my BoUS class CD.  That was some new stuff for me – lots of mod podge, and the whole canvas thing -- a Scrapbooking on a Wall canvas-type project.


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