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Pages of the Heart VBT recap

Monday's Virtual Book Tour stop was Pages of the Heart, based in Mississippi. where it got up to about 70.  I've "enjoyed" some pleasant weather while touring the US, which is always nice to report!  ;)  (Of course, it is a rather "climate-controlled tour", since I haven't really left my office!) 

POTH really took advantage of my tour stop, and signed on for about all they could do -- they reviewed each of my books (Book of Me, Growing Up Me, AND Book of US), did an interview article, participated in a layout challenge/contest, AND hosted a chat!  Whew!  These girls were all so excited -- it was really fun to share their enthusiasm.  Site owner Lisa Lee even told me that the design team held a team contest to see who would review the books!  Too fabulous!

Lisa was really ON IT during the chat on Monday night, because she copy-and-pasted Chat Highlights DURING the chat!  Not easy when the dialogue is moving fast and furious!

Some interesting questions from the chat:

What do you suggest in creating an album for children with special life situations-adoption, divorce, blended families or even special needs children?  Would you be more apt to include everything -- step parents and bio parents, the adoption process, details of a disability and how it affects the daily life, etc?  Any suggestions ?
I would just scrap their lives, probably asking for their input...what do *they* want to document and preserve.what kind of concerns do you have?  Personally I would include whatever I was comfortable with If I were spending a lot of time in therapy sessions or at the hospital, those things would have a place in my scrapbook I wouldn't necessarily include graphic photos -- more like documenting a process, or what I was worried about or what helped me through it also documenting all the helpful support people, and our relationships with them also documenting all the helpful support people, and our relationships with them I look at most sb topics as -- would I want to know/understand this about someone else?It helps take the pressure off for me "assuming" someone else "should" find a topic interesting.

Do you think it's "wrong" to scrap a "serious top" with fun and bright colors? Would that be lessening the meaning of the topic?
Personally, I would probably go with more...elegant colors, but if fun and bright works for you, and helps you get through the situation, who am I to say?

What approach do you take in scrapping the "everyday" stuff?
I take pictures of stuff laying out not put away, I include snippets of conversations, I stage photos to show steps of a process like making cocoa mix from scratch for DH's morning coffee.   I took a picture of my son's friend's shoes laying by the front illustrate that his friends are so comfortable at our house...they take off their shoes the minute they're inside the door.

Today I'm at Scrapping with Style -- be sure to check out the Questions for Angie thread, and leave me a question!

Tomorrow I'm stopping at Digital Scrapbook Place.  Be sure to check out the chat at 9pm Central/10pm Eastern.  I'd love to see you there!



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