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Love Lessons

Marriage is one long lesson in how to love and BE loved.  You don't always receive love in the same amount or way that you give it.  But as long as the other person loves you the best that they can, it's your job to figure out how to fully accept that love into your life with a glad and joyful heart.

That's sometimes a hard lesson to learn.  Or sometimes it's one you have to keep re-learning.  It's so easy and convenient to allow petty complaints and emotional venting to overshadow all the love and loving gestures that are freely given.  I know I am frequently guilty of this.  I worry and fret and bitch and moan (mostly in my head) about not getting love exactly how I "need" to be loved.  But I am coming to realize, and struggling to accept, that just because Love doesn't look or feel like what I might expect or demand, doesn't mean it's not Love.  I have Love in my life.  I have affection, devotion, dedication, hope, and faith.  Complaining about how it's presented to me is ungracious, and perhaps even a little arrogant.  Love in all its forms is a gift -- and marriage is a lifelong opportunity to recognize and accept the gift into your heart.

Gratitude is a powerful and humbling thing -- why is it so hard to buckle down and accept the goodness that already is??



you said it very eloquently- thank you for reminding me of this - I need to be more gracious with my husband most of all. Tamara

Nicole C.

Wow Angie you really hit home on this one! Something I have been struggling with lately. Thanks for the lovely reminder that I'm sure everyone needs.


Wow I came for some scrap gab and instead got hit over the head. Thanks. I needed that. ;-)

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