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So last night was a message board chat at  Be sure to check it out -- the thread lasts for *6 pages*!

They asked some GREAT questions, and really kept me hopping!  Here are some excerpts:

What's your next project?
My next project will actually be an update of The Book of ME -- new projects, several new chapters, updating the web resources, and 60 MORE pages -- we're going to DOUBLE the size of the book! I'll put out a page call hopefully in October this year -- look for the revised book to come out CHA 2006.

Are there different relationship prompts you have in, " The Book of US," featured in sections?
If you're asking are different kinds of relationships featured, then yes! So many people assume that a Book of US automatically means romantic husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend. But that's so limiting -- this book encourages people to take off the blinders and see all the relationships in their lives. Anywhere you have more than one person interacting with another -- that can be a relationship.

The different chapters look at the histories of relationships (all kinds), theme albums about relationships, incorporating more than one "voice", romantic relationships, family, groups, and friendships. It also looks at circle journals and gift albums. Each chapter offers tons of different prompts related to that chapter's topic.

What's your best tip for taking so many memories and scrapping them?  The range of photos I have are numerous...
...The first chapter [of The Book of Us] is about Histories. It talks about different ways to organize a scrapbook that illustrates the history of a relationship (whether friendship, romantic, group, whatever). You could organize it by theme, like college, homes, common interests, road trips, etc. You could also organize it chronologically in a timeline format. There are some super neat examples of both thematic and timeline layouts & albums in the book. You could also organize it alphabetically -- be watching for the challenge later on tonight for some specifc ideas on that one! It might be just the inspiration you need!

How do you suggest we get started working on an album for ourselves. I have so many of my kids to do already, it's seems like my list of projects never ends. Should I just pick an album, and start doing one page at a time? Make a theme album instead? What are your suggestions on getting started?
Any of the above would be the "right" way to start! So many people paralyze themselves by thinking they have to come up with the "perfect" title page or the perfect topic for the first layout, or that the first layout has to be their birth page. Stop it! Wink Your first page HAS to be...your first page. That's it! Pick a topic and scrap it! It will be perfect because it's DONE! Do you think your kids will care what the topic is if something happens to you? No -- they will just be grateful to have that one page about you. Then they will be grateful if another joins the first. Basically -- every page you do is another page done, and it's a good thing.

Some ideas for starting points:
**Do random pages about yourself and put them (gasp!) in your family album. You are a member of your family -- your pages can go in your family album. That way you're not starting a "new project", and you're not any more "behind". (See? I know how you think -- all of you!)
**Do a small "Little Book of Me" -- like a 6x6 album of lists of things. Here's a great resource for list pages: Lists of Ten
**Start with some "Jumpstart" topics -- these are very superficial, and don't require any gut-wrenching Rebecca Sower journaling.

I am always looking for ideas to record and express my children's sibling relationship, they are spaced out quite a bit in age and I am always looking for ideas on scrapping their relationship. Does your new book reference sibling relationships?
Yes, there's a whole chapter on Family relationships. There are some fabulous layouts from Annie Wheatcraft on page 85 that document everyday moments, including snippets of her children's coversations. Her journaling always gets me "right here', ya know?

Basically you want to note how their relationship with each other is different from their relationships with other people in their lives. How do they relate and interact differently just between themselves? What do they talk about? What do they fight about? What do they love to do together? What do they love about each other? There's a great layout in the book from a mom whose daughters were sniping at each other, so the dad made the girls sit down and make a list of things they liked about each other. Talk about punishment! But it was a valuable exercise, and of course scrapbooking mom snagged their notes and built a layout around it.

Be sure to check out the entire message thread for more thought-provoking questions and answers!  Also be sure to check out my challenge -- Everyone who puts something together for this challenge will be entered into a random drawing for prizes from Memory Makers and Karen Foster Designs.   Layouts must be posted to the LifetimeMoments Book of Us Challenge Gallery by the end of NSD weekend (must be completed by 8am Eastern, Monday, May 9 th). All who participate in the challenge will be entered in a drawing to win a copy of the Book of Us and the Book of Me !

Thanks to the ladies at LM for a great chat!  I appreciate the enthusiastic turnout!


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