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April 2005

What Font are You?

Link: What Font are You? by Jenyfer28.

How fabulous is this layout (linked above)??  I love the bright colors and pattern papers, and of course I'm all about the fonts!  I love how she used different font faces to describe different aspects of her personality!  What a great concept for a circle journal!  How fun it would be to see everyone's responses!

Here are some fun font quizzes, to include in journaling on your font-inspired layout:

comic sans
Comic Sans - You are easy going and have a good
sense of humor.  You are a nice change from the
norm.  Beware of becoming too cliche.

What Font Are You? (Standard Fonts)
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[Angie's comment: I am sooooo not Comic Sans!  Please!]

test yourself at!

FoundArt & Bookcrossing

n. the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.

I love the concept of this website/community.  Once you read a book, you register it on the website, slap a ID sticker in it, then leave it somewhere for someone to find.  They log on to the website and register that they've "caught" the book (theoretically).  I've been a member of since last August, and have "released" 15 books.  Unfortunately none have been journaled as "caught", but I continue releasing, hopeful.  My son also has an account, and the second book he ever released was caught and journaled the next day!

This has been a great way to get extra mileage out of the books my kids have outgrown, like Once Upon a Potty.  (How embarrassing for a 7-year-old to have THAT in the house!  ;) )  I release these kinds of kids books in grocery shopping carts after I've loaded my bags in the trunk.  I figure it's likely a mom will find the book that way.  I'm just dying to have someone actually catch and journal one!

That said, just today I found FoundArt Org, which is a similar concept, but you leave art projects for someone to find.  How wild is that!  It makes me think of the Artist Trading Cards that people do -- but then leaving them for some random person to find.  Apparently people involved in FoundArt do some rather elaborate projects.  USA Today even did an article on the site/community in 2003:

They make small artworks — sculpted figures, booklets of drawings, decorated mailing labels, collaged postcards and CDs, sidewalk chalk drawings, even "fairy houses" made by kids and tied to trees — and "release them into the wild." They leave them at public places such as park benches, library shelves, hospital waiting rooms, grocery bulletin boards and malls.

Those who find the artworks can keep them, throw them away or leave them someplace else. And they can go to the Found Art! site to leave comments about what they found and how it made them feel.

These days I don't take time to create for myself (other than writing), let alone others, but think that FoundArt is a fascinating concept.   

Have you participated in these or any other similar "leave-something-for-someone-else-to-find" campaigns?

Come chat with me at DSP!

This Friday, April 1, at 10PM EST I will be doing a fun Book of Us chat and challenge at!   

DSP Designer Jamie Rousselle has been doing an AWESOME job with Story of Us album challenges for seven weeks.  The final challenge will be presented at the chat Friday night!  During the chat, I will provide two topics for Story of Us albums. I've also created digital word art to help you with your layouts. You can download the word art here - password to be given out during the chat. We will hold a special contest for all those who post layouts using these topics and the word art provided. The winner will recieve an autographed copy of my latest book, "The Book of Us"!

Industry News

I've been posting scrapbook industry news at One Scrappy Site for nearly a year and a half now -- just general info on product releases, staff changes, mergers & acquisitions, and general scrapping "scoops".  I scan over 40 different websites for news, in addition to the email updates I get from manufacturers' PR people.  I include little teasers of recent newsbytes in my newsletters.  It feeds a need -- people often tell me that the industry news is their favorite part of the newsletter.  However, the newsbytes don't always get that many "reads" -- my guess is that people link to other pages within the site, and forget to look at the front page for the news.

So I started another "sub-blog": SB Industry News  I thought maybe this might make things more convenient, because now people can use RSS feeds to subscribe to the news, and remember to check the info out more often. 

Personally, I use Bloglines to keep track of all my feeds.  I have a "Sub with Bloglines" shortcut in my Bookmarks Toolbar Folder, and have downloaded a Firefox extension so I get an notifier in the lower right corner of my browser when new entries have been posted to my subscribed feeds.  Very handy, but also makes me naughty (I'm so easily sidetracked!  I need to stay on task, stay on task, stay on task....)

So.  There you are.  You, too, can stay in the know on sb industry news -- either via the home page for One Scrappy Site, via the SB Industry News blog, or via RSS.  Enjoy!

I'm not the only one...

I only recently started my blog (obviously), and have been surfing around to see who else is blogging, what they blog about, etc.  Blogging has literally exploded as an almost sub-hobby for scrappers; it's just crazy!  They're discussing blogs at 2Ps here and here and here.  They're discussing blogs at ScrapsAhoy here.  They're discussing blogs at LifetimeMoments here.  Many scrappers have started their blogs just this month -- I love the comment I saw in a post at 2Ps -- blogging is the new ribbon.  LOL

To document the huge explosion of scrappers' blogs, I've started compiling a links list on OneScrappySite -- I'm up to 62 links!  The "requirements" for my adding a link are rather loose and subjective -- I'm trying to include blogs that actually discuss scrapbooking, rather than just family update kind of blogs.  [BTW, if your blog is on that list, and you rather it wasn't, just let me know and I'll remove it toot sweet!  No biggie!]

I find the whole blogging phenomenon fascinating!  Whose blogs do you read??

Another fun quiz

Found these fun quizzes on Michelle's Scrapability.

I am nerdier than 41% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

[I think I'm insulted!  ONLY 41??]

Congratulations! You are Susan Mayer, the divorcee
and single mom who will go to extraordinary
lengths for love.

Which Desperate Housewife are you?
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You are BAZZILL paper! Your style is pretty laid back. You enjoy straight
linear pages and although you don't mind
experimenting with all the newest products,
your favorite pages always seem to be the ones
with solid colors. With 130 custom textured and
over 300 total cardstock colors to choose from,
you're sure to find what you need in bazzill
paper and you like it!

Which Scrapbooking Paper Collection Are You?
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Thanks for the heads up, Michelle!

Blog Name Generator

When I created my blog (what? like last week?), I wondered what pithy name I could give it.  I've seen such great names, like Ink in My Coffee, Venus on Top, Buzz, Balls & Hype, Chicky Talk, ScriptyGoddess, and The Dead Parrots' Society.  I drove myself crazy for about two days, then decided to make it easy on myself, and just play on the name of my book.  Hence, The Blog of ME.

For anyone else kicking around the idea of starting a blog, I found this fun resource today: Blog Name Generator.  You may not actually use any of the results, but it's fun to play around with!  Some of my results: Blue Moments, The Naked Office, The Feisty Pad (I kind of like that one!), The Foolish Diary, The Butt Loft (uhhhh....), Smelly Thoughts, Creativity Confessions, Open Voices, and Honest Thoughts. 

Now.  Why/how did you pick your blog name?  Discuss.

Saw this quiz on Rosemary's blog -- FUN! Here's my results:


You are a pair of SCISSORS! You're cutting edge, baby! You cut through life with ease, always keeping others on the edge.  You have the power to simplify things by just cutting them out. But scissors beware - you may cut some of the important things out of your life without realizing it, in your need to keep trim!

What scrapbooking item are you?
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A little writing does a body good...

So I spent a good chunk of this week working on submissions for the Chicken Soup for the Scrapbooker's Soul call.  I have two stories completed, and would like to churn out maaaaaybe one more, and maybe some tips. 

Get this -- Just today I saw a post at 2Ps by one of the co-authors asking for more entries!  Entry deadline is April 1st.  You can submit via the Chicken Soup website, or via ScrapSubmit.  I'm submitting via ScrapSubmit, personally, in case you're wondering.

I'm really hoping both of these pieces get selected -- perhaps that's obvious, but I'm hopeful.  I obviously have the experience as a writer, and really wrote both these pieces from the heart.  They include text I wasn't able to include in my books, but seems perfect for the Soup venue.  I'm nervous, too, sending them, since they are so personal, moreso than even layouts for me, because it's just the writing, just my thoughts.  I often hear of scrappers feeling rejected if their submissions aren't selected for magazines, but don't feel that same rejection myself -- with layouts.  This rejection, I expect, might be harder to take.  Sigh.  Guess I just won't be rejected then!  ;)  Those pieces SING, and I know that, so it's all good.  Plus, I can always print them out and slap them on a layout, right?

In any case, it felt soooo good to sit down and write this week -- just write.  For the past three years, all my writing has been for my books, promotional CDs, and the occasional article.  This was creative nonfiction, with plenty of juicy descriptions, and it felt so GOOD!  It's like personal journal writing, only honed for an audience.  God, I love being a writer.  It's easy to forget, or to miss those feelings, when you're working on assignment, or on a deadline.  I'm finding, too, that writing this blog gets at those "writer-ly" feelings, because it's so much about finding the right words to express myself.

Anyone else submitting for the Soup call? 

Ebay Paper Bag Album

Michelle was just talking about Ebay Paper Bag Albums, and wondering if the paper bags are acid free.  I've tested three different lunch sack manufacturers with my pH pen, and each tested a/f.  Go figure!  I would have assumed a high acidity level too.

She also commented on the price some of these auctions go for.  I'm also amazed by some of those figures.  The whole phenomenon is fascinating to watch.  I mean, the talent and work that go into the projects is incredible, but....  at least I can go browse and be inspired!  I have my favorites: sealed-with-a-kiss, sassyscraps, julgeiger, nathansmommy, 3peas-in-a-pod, bigdog-mom, tdistel, and stevenginger, to name a few. Mad props to these ladies for sharing their talent with the scrapping community!